What’s going on with the RV industry? Stocks plummeting


By Chuck Woodbury
Our friend Alan Warren of the syndicated weekly radio program “The RV Show USA” wrapped up his most recent show with an interesting, thought-provoking commentary about the state of the RV industry and, in particular, how the stocks of the big four manufacturers and retail giant Camping World have plummeted in recent months. So, he asks, “what does that mean for you and me, the consumer?”

In this three-minute segment from the December 19 taping of his show, he answers that question, and more.

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Tom Moeller

First of all I am not a fan of CW,but their stock is down for a reason not mentioned.It is in fact as of dec,28th on the rise.7 out of 10 long term investor call it a strong buy.They are loaded with money.As far as dealers the bigger ones are asking on average 25% above NADA on units as old as 12 years and offering you zilch on your trade.So I don’t see them worrying yet.I notice most small mom and pops have a lot of dirty used units.

marty chambers

When the people with Thor took over many brands they reduced the quality in order to make more profits. Greed is what is killing RVing. Time and time again you hear the horror stories from people who bought crap and now are stuck with it. And Camping World deserves what it gets when they insist on having a CEO who treats customers like prey.

Captn John

Please do not attempt to indicate Forest River is putting out anything beyond pitiful.

Rory R

When I select the video, the screen changes to the loading icon and never finishes loading


When I select to watch the clip about the Rv ind stocks, the screen changed to another site????


Nothing would make me happier than Camping World going out of business! No Harm, No FOUL! Problem is, Marcus Lemon Head would sell off the wreckage and put it into some other company to screw customers out of their money!

Captn John

There are many a lot worse than CW. Actually, on my last 3 units were bought from CW as they offered at a great price and the service, warranty and non-warranty, has been fast and well done.

Tommy Molnar

The mere mention of Camping World being in trouble brings a smile to my face. Glad our current trailer is almost seven years old and seems to have been built before it all started the downhill slide.

Writing that last sentence made me inhale. We keep referring to our current trailer (a 2012 Arctic Fox) as our “new” trailer, and I just realized there’s nothing NEW about it!

Captn John

Had Thor for a while, bought CWH a couple days after it opened. Sold both around Thanksgiving 2017. I’ve most often got out too soon, rarely too late. Never greedy and don’t mind paying taxes on even short term gains. I’ve been 100% cash since before Thanksgiving 2018. Never have liked going into a new year loaded in the market. October has never been a great month + or – but always seems give direction, listen to the news and watch market direction. Rule #1 is never be greedy. Rule #2 is it is always possible to get back in… Read more »

Curtis McRee

I am glad the big4 R. V. builders are facing hard times! They have been rough ripping us off for years. It is their turn to find out how it feels to lose a lot of MONEY..


I don’t think it’s good to be glad that XYZ is falling on hard times. No matter how poor the company’s reputation, it would be nicer to see change rather than collapse…it can affect us all, not just the entity in question. JMHO.