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What’s the biggest bill you’ve received for repair work?

By Chuck Woodbury

I was talking to someone the other day. He told me about someone he knew who had blown a piston in his diesel pusher motorhome. He showed me a photo. Oh, it was ugly! It was a big ol’ mess that would take $40,000 to fix. That, I’d say, is one monstrous “OUCH.”

I think the most I ever paid for a single repair on an RV was about $4,500 for a bunch of work on my 2008 Winnebago View. I can’t remember exactly what it was for. But I wasn’t a happy camper about having to part with all that cash.

What about you? What’s the biggest bill you’ve ever paid for a single repair job? 

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The poll was not working until 6:40 a.m., Saturday, June 2, Pacific Time, when we fixed it. So the number of responses is lower than normal. If you were unable to respond then, feel free to do so now.




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Steven Peterson
7 months ago

Less than $1000 but that was an accident repair. I usually do my own maintenance and repairs!

1 year ago

What happens if you don’t have a lot of money for high expense breakdowns – No credit cards.

1 year ago

The response tells me those extended warranties are pretty much a waste of money.Very few will get back in repairs for what they pay for it.

Ian C
1 year ago

No repair costs on my 18 Tiffin Red.

Next question needs to be how much do we spend annually to avoid a major repair.

I budget $1500.00 for annual maintenance.

Gary Broughton
1 year ago

If you do preventative maintenance and listen and observe your rig most likely you’ll keep from have big expensive problems. I’ve had boards go out and bugs in the water heater, replace leaky faucets, debris in vents and only 2 flats in 45 years. If you have something that moves, look at it. It’s your money and life.

1 year ago

Just had to rebuild the engine in our 13 y/o Coach after an intake valve seat failed, sending shrapnel into every cylinder. Total bill was about $35,000. But the rebuilt engine performs far better than before it failed, so I’m thinking it must have had multiple issues. Not at all happy to have to find that kind of $$$$$, but very pleased with the result.

1 year ago

On our first motorhome, a 91 Journey 35′ front engine diesel, I replaced the engine once (I did the labor), transmission twice and rebuilt the brake system, new master cylinder and all new rotors, new emergency brake drum. This was over the course of 12 years. Cost around $10k. When we started fulltime, on our way out of MN, the cylinder head failed. $5200 to have Cummins replace it.
With our new motorhome, a 04 Newmar Mountain Aire DP, 40′ our most expensive repair was last year in Billings, MT. Our fuel tank had to be removed and cleaned due to contaminated fuel picked up in Iowa. $3500 for that one at Freightliner plus buying 120 gallons of diesel since they weren’t putting contaminated fuel back in it.

PL Packer
1 year ago

$194.00 to have the mobile RV repair come out and fix my furnace that quit in single digit temps this past winter. He replaced the thermostat, rerouted and added a vent. I know I have more that will need to be done as the AC doesn’t work at all, it got over 97*f inside of my RV last summer, I’m not looking forward to another summer of that.

1 year ago

15,000 to repair water damage on our 2014 Sandpiper 366fl. Had it back to the dealer twice and local repair shop twice to no avail. Finally another shop found the problem. Broken weld on the side wall allowing flex when the slide moved in and out. Major reconstruction on sidewall. Thanks to Atel bus and truck in Beltsville, Md. Great work.

2 years ago

I tried to have an airbag repair, but on inspection, we found that the undercarriage needed replacing brakes, bags, and some suspension parts as the ‘93 40 ft Monaco Sig had been to cold country and severely corroded. 2 months later and $15,000.00 out of pocket, she drives great and serves us well. Live and learn. DO NOT buy a rig stored in cold country!!!

2 years ago

New roof frame and ply roof, new EPDM roof over. New wood frame, ply sheeting and aluminum sheeting on front of trailer. New awning on Skyline 25ft trailer. Roof and front of trailer the result of water damage from no maintenance by previous owner. Did the work myself with a friends help, cost of materials around $1,100.Took us oldies (70’s) 10days. Secret of low cost is do it yourself when possible.

Bee O'Neil
4 years ago

10K for a new radiator, recore the after-cooler, new fan blade assembly, and new A/C compressor on a ’03 Beaver Monterey diesel pusher,

This all stared with the retainer nut ($2.00?) separating from the A/C compressor shaft, allowing the clutch assembly to fall into the radiator fan blade assembly and sent the shattered fan blades into the radiator and after cooler.

Two weeks at the Cummins dealer in Omaha, NE. Fortunately they had RV spaces available on site for our use at night. Great service at the dealer.

Had extended warranty and towing which helped….but always read the fine print, ie., a failed covered part does not cover damaged non-covered parts… radiators or the labor for the repair of non-covered parts.

Happy trails!

Traveling Man
4 years ago

Another question to ask….How long did it take to complete those repairs? Did you do them your self or hire at an RV Shop?

4 years ago

Close to $5,000 on a front slide over a span of 6 years on a 36’ rig bought brand new. We complained about it from the get go. Trips to factory, local repair shop, several road serivice calls to help push it back in. Finally a trip to manufacture for a total rebuild of the slide mechanism resulting in a $2,300 bill. Knowing this was going to be short time fix, traded it 2 months after the last repair for brand new 36’ travel travel for our winter residence and a used 24’ Phoenix Cruiser for our other adventures. Conclusion most dealers are not equiped, or have the knowledge to repair a slide other than just replacing a motor, same goes for FACTORY REPAIR CENTERS. Thankfully we live 250 miles from Elkhart or we would have quit a long time ago. For me the $ repairs was enough to quit RVing, but my wife was born to travel.

4 years ago

We had to have rubber roof and awning replaced after windstorm. Luckily insurance covered the majority of it !
So we had a $8,500.00 bill, insurance paid all but $800.00.

4 years ago

Funny reading this today. I am on my way home to New York from Florida. The transmission went on our class A and we had to leave it on our way home in March. The bill was over $7000 but thanks to my extended warranty I paid only $1400, I opted for a Ford rebuilt transmission instead of the replacement the warranty company wanted to put in, so that accounted for an extra $800.

Two days on the road, almost home!

4 years ago

5,000.00 to replace a couple pistons in my 05 national seabreeze lx

4 years ago

For those of us with diesel pushers and pull the maintenance as we should get pretty high annual bills. I was surprised as the number of things my five year old pusher needed last year but it rode and performed noticeably better. Of course that does not preclude something breaking.

Robert Pulliam
4 years ago

$429 to replace poly vee serpentine belt on our 16 year old class A gas motorhome. That didn’t include what Good Sam Roadside Assistance paid to have it towed to the repair facility on a roll back trailer. 15 years ago I would’ve done the work myself but at 75 I decided to just pay the money and bite the bullet.

1 year ago
Reply to  Robert Pulliam

I hear ya. At my age I’m not far away from paying someone to check the air in the tires. If I do get that bad, maybe it’s time to park it. Not.

Mush Sheridan
4 years ago

Over $20k for a backing issue at about 2 mph. Those fiberglass end caps cost a LOT to repair ????

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