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Wheel Estate launches a mini “Airbnb” for RV rentals

If you’re like the typical RVer, you have a vacation trailer that sits in your driveway or at a storage lot more often than it takes to the road for weekends and vacations. What if you could rent it out to wannabe RVers during some of that downtime and make a few bucks. Would that work?

Cherie and Chad Ball of Okotoks, Alberta, thought so when they founded Wheel Estate, a peer-to-peer RV rental company.

The couple is into their second season running Wheel Estate, helping owners rent out their towable camping trailers in a style similar to that of Airbnb.

They got the idea for the business 10 years ago when they tried to rent a neighbor’s RV and discovered his insurance would be void once money changed hands.

It took the couple six years to secure an insurance policy to back their idea and launch the business, which they did last year, reports CBC.

RV companies do rent out motorhomes, but Ball said the price is prohibitive due to the insurance costs for commercial operations, as well as upgrades for gear.

Using their service, Ball said RVs go for an average price of $107 a night and often come equipped with camping equipment such as cutlery, linens and an ax for firewood. Some owners deliver the RV and allow pets, as well.

There are a few similar companies out there, but he said the goal of  Wheel Estate, which currently is available in Canada, is to focus on good experiences, rather than becoming the largest.



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