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Where can you get your portable LP cylinder requalified?


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Last week, we published news regarding changes made to portable propane cylinder requirements. Again, let’s stress the fact that these new federal regulation changes apply only to PORTABLE propane cylinders – the ones typically found on travel trailers, fifth wheels and truck campers. They DO NOT apply to permanently mounted tanks found on motorhomes.

The bottom line of the regulations means that these portable cylinders will need to be “requalified” or inspected by authorized facilities, first, within 10 years of their date of manufacture, and then typically, once every five years after that first requalification. Under the regulation, if they are not requalified and those important dates are passed, they cannot be legally refilled.

The big question for many is this: Where on earth do we get them requalified? Some readers suggested that authorized facilities were few and far between, and generally only in big cities, making for an almost impossible task for some in the RV community. Happily, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Whether you’re in a tiny town like Bonanza, Colorado (population 1), or smack in the center of New York City, you’ll find a requalifier within an hour or so away. For Bonanza folk, there are four “visual” requalifiers (the ones RVers would typically utilize) within a 50-mile radius. In New York City, you’ll find five such inspectors within a 15-mile radius. Even in “little old” Quartzsite, Arizona, there’s one requalifier in town, and three more within a 25-mile radius.

And you don’t need to be a detective to track down authorized requalifiers. Simply point your browser to the official U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Retester Locations” website, found at , and plug in either a ZIP code or a city and state name to get a quick map of locations, along with full contact information for each provider.    

EDITOR’S NOTE: We had several comment that the site for “Retester Locations” wasn’t working the weekend we released the news. Whatever the problem was, it has been corrected, and as of now the site is working. 2/20/17 15:27 MST.



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Gerry R
5 years ago

I just had my 30# tank refilled in Myrtle Beach. The dealer reports that the propane companys got together and complained. He says the new regulation has been cancelled, and they are back on the 5/12 year cycle.

Don Fitz
5 years ago

My propane dealer in Texas inspected both my 40 pounders and recertified them FREE as a customer service. He then put a tag on the tanks good for 5 years. It’s a visual inspection and he said the cost of the metal adhesive tag was about 5 cents.

Bill in Texas
5 years ago

Maybe I missed ever hearing about a problem with tanks failing. Has anyone ever experienced it? Is this regulation a candidate to have removed or extended? Seems like a major pain for folks that travel the less traveled routes

5 years ago

most propane distributors will requalify portable tanks if they fill them. here in the Las Vegas area they charge $30.00 + the propane fill. Not talking about the small stations that refill but the big distributors. hope this helps someone.

5 years ago

I don’t get the 5 gal bottles retested. I trade them in at Walmart for a filled bottle.

5 years ago

I put in Elkton MD and 5 came up.
Using iPad, as usual.

5 years ago

Tommy ,
I zero in on my area and probably 150 mile long strech and it shows absolutely no retester locations.

hank hoyt
5 years ago


Tried the link both by clicking on the highlighted words and by copy/paste of the address. Negative results for both. Get to the search page but it refuses to go any further. Attempted to change distance but ended up somewhere in the middle of an ocean on the 50 mile scale.
If you can do better then perhaps you can notify the website so they can fix it.

Thanks for doing the follow-up article.

Tommy Molnar
5 years ago

As soon as I put in my zip code, the screen goes blue and I get nothing.

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