Sunday, January 16, 2022


Where is this? Can you guess?

Where is this? We’ll give you two hints: It’s not in Kansas and it’s not in Maine (no lobster present). All kidding aside, we will tell you this is somewhere in the USA, and it’s west of Mississippi (you already figured that out, but we’ll tell you anyway in case you have never been out of your house or watched a Western movie).

Okay, now it is time to answer. You will get two rewards by doing so: First, you will learn if you are right or wrong. Second, the answer will immediately appear so you will know exactly where this is in case you want to visit and take a picture. If you do visit and take a picture, please send it to us at

But first, a public service message: Watch out for rattlers!


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David Totten
10 months ago

The BLM has just ruled that it has to come down next year. I live about 15 miles from it.

10 months ago

What did I win?

Sink Jaxon
10 months ago

You gave it away by writing “near by you could lose your shirt”…but you could do that in Albuquerque also!

10 months ago

We were there one year ago! (See our visit here-Starts at 16:13) Be advised it won’t be there much longer. Its a temporary display on I-15 south of Las Vegas NEVADA.
(7) March 10 2020 Hoover Dam Day 1 of 2 – YouTube