Thursday, September 29, 2022


VIDEO: Which big box stores allow overnight RV ‘camping’?

Jim O’Briant of Overnight RV Parking runs down the list of popular big box stores (and a restaurant chain) that do or don’t allow overnight stays. Most RVers know that Walmart is usually accommodating, but what about the other big chain stores? In this short video, learn which ones are RV friendly. And be sure to check out Jim’s website Overnight RV Parking. It’s the best source of places to stay for free or inexpensively in the USA with a self-contained recreational vehicle.

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2 years ago

We stopped at the mall in Springfield Or about 11am on a weekday last summer, the plan was shopping and lunch. Before we even got out of the motor home, the security guy was at the door to tell us we were not allowed to park in the parking lot. When I told him we were there for less than 2 hours to spend money for lunch and shop for a few items, he told us it was the mall manager’s policy to not allow RV parking. The parking lot was almost empty! We went north to Wilsonville and ended up spending about $500 where we were welcome to park at Costco and Fred Meyer!

5 years ago

Cabela’s on the south side of Denver, CO has No Overnight Parking signs on every light standard in the parking lot. I asked inside if they knew where we might overnight and was told as long as a manger gives the ok, then it’s okay. I spoke to a manager and he said as long as we didn’t cause problems (no I’m here to sleep) we could stay and if the Lone Tree police came by overnight just tell them we had a manager’s approval. No one came to knock on our door and we had a peaceful night.

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