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Whip up your own multi-spice rack — with a pill case!


Campground cooking is becoming a more popular RV activity. More RVers are beginning to don their chef hats right in the confines of their RV kitchen — or right outside. The more elaborate a meal, dish or item you try to make, then many times the more ingredients it requires.

If you are full-time in your RV then you probably have a well-stocked kitchen (if needed), as it is your only kitchen. But what are the part-timers and more recreational RV chefs to do? It can be expensive and a poor use of space to have a fully stocked kitchen all the time.

We picked up a clever tip from fellow RVer, Kim, and decided to give it a try. She recommended that RVers who don’t regularly RV but occasionally want to make something that requires special spices create their own “spice organizer.” At the heart of it is a pill organizer doing double-duty as a portable spice rack.

Pill cases vary in size and number of compartments, in much the same fashion as your meal may require a varying amount of herbs and spices. This is a great alternative to the Tic Tac RV spice rack — and it couldn’t be simpler to get started. All you need is a pill case that has enough compartments to fit your needs. A typical weekly case should be enough for most meals, and this is the one we chose for our portable spice rack. Fill each compartment with your chosen herbs and spices. We used a mini-spoon for this part. Close and store in a plastic baggy. Pack it into your camping gear for the trip.

The only thing to watch out for is the quality of the pill case. Ideally, get a high-quality version that has air-tight compartments. The version we purchased was bargain-priced and it is not airtight. It will leak some spices and herbs that are finely ground if you turn it over.

Hope you part-time RV chefs find this useful. Happy camping!


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