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Why boondock?

By Dave Helgeson

I once believed boondocking was just about saving the cost of a campground. However, after becoming a boondocker out of necessity (lack of campgrounds in the backcountry areas I like to explore) I discovered it was much more than just saving a buck.

So why do RVers boondock?


· Yes, cost does play into it for some. Those on a limited or fixed income find it difficult, if not impossible, to take extended RV trips when paying $30 a night or more for a space in a conventional campground.
· Location can also be a factor in boondocking. For an adventurer like me that enjoys exploring old mining camps, unique geological formations in the middle of nowhere and do a little prospecting too, lack of campgrounds is the norm. Lucky for me, most of the activities I just listed are on public land making boondocking the easy and enjoyable solution over distant campgrounds.


· No advance reservations are needed to boondock
· There’s no check-in or check-out time. Arrive when you want and stay as long as you want (within the administering land agency guidelines).
· Typically your pet can roam free around your chosen campsite.
· When you just need a place to park for the evening and don’t need the services of a campground, boondocking is the perfect alternative. Many private boondocking locations can be found just off major highways.


· Many boondocking locations offer outstanding views of the surrounding countryside and the opportunity to see the sunrise, as well as privacy from neighbors because there aren’t any. No need to pull your shades preventing the occupants of the neighboring RV from seeing in your rig and vice versa.
· Peace and quiet is what attracts many RVers to boondocking over campgrounds. No barking dogs, loud neighbors or early birds starting (and idling) their engines and pulling out of the campground at the crack of dawn.

helgeson wide openNo Civilization or People for Miles!

· For me, solitude has become the most enjoyable element of boondocking. It’s just me, my wife and the beauty of God’s creation. No other humans, buildings, or other signs of civilization for miles! I am not alone: A poll taken at in early 2012 revealed that solitude and peace were the most popular reasons RVers choose boondocking over campgrounds.

Boondocking is Green:

· Boondocking is just that — camping in the boondocks. You need no hookups to power, water or a sewer. Boondockers by necessity conserve their limited supply of water, battery power, holding tank space and fuel. Boondockers consume considerably less resources when boondocking than when living in a conventional home. Boondockers reduce the carbon footprint by charging their batteries with solar power or a wind turbine rather than a fossil fuel burning generator.


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