Why do you “camp”?


There’s some question whether traveling in a comfy RV is “camping,” but a lot of us still call it that. Regardless, most of us like to get away with a recreational vehicle – or simply a tent, portable stove and sleeping bag.

Why do we do it? Or more to the point, “Why do you do it?”

Why do you "camp"?The 2017 American Camper Report by the Outdoor Foundation stated that more than 40.5 million Americans, or 13.7 percent of the population over age 6, camped in 2016, totaling 587.2 million days. The report listed the words participants associated with camping as “escape,” “peace” and “happiness.”

Are those the words you would use? Or is it something else?

Would you please leave a comment with the one word you would use to describe your RV “camping?” Feel free to explain why you chose that word, but start off with the one single word you most associate with camping as you experience it.


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Diana Russell

It give my husband and I time to be close (literally we have a 19′ TT). We can bring our dog, sleep in our own, bed, fix meals our way (I’m gluten free), and take time for our favorite recreation of fishing.


Pets. We have three small dogs. Our first RV purchase was simply to provide us with a hurricane evacuation vehicle that would transport all the people and animals in our extended family. It has grown (literally since we now have a 45′ Class A) into a wonderful way to explore the country – and escape FL’s summer heat – for my husband and myself. And a really nice way to visit kids and grands.




Enjoyment. Traveling in North America and seeing the sites in comfort. (mmm.. that might be 4 words?)

RV Staff

“4 words,” Rick? 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com

Karen Willis

Convenience. I hate carrying in, unpacking and repacking to spend a night in a motel. With my RV, everything I need is always at hand.

Marty Mapson


Doreen Brannan

Escape. Get away.



Renee from Idaho

It’s the Great Away!


Travel. Nice to pick up and go

Bob Godfrey

North America has so much beauty to see that’s why.

Rory R

Freedom, enjoy and make new friends and simply recharge….

Vanessa Simmons


Ron V

Friends. We go camping with a Good Sam chapter and enjoy time with friends. Before the 5th wheel we tent camped and enjoyed the outdoors and exploring.


It’s invigorating.


Freedom, pets, wife uncomfortable on long car rides, knowing when I plan to start a trip I can be sure we will start then and complete in a timely manner.

Kim VanSchoonhoven


Gerald Fuller

Fun – As the Cat in the Hat said “it’s fun to have fun but you have to know how.”

Ken Lailer

“Relaxation” – and the reason is the getting away part. Free from the stressors of home life. (the maintenance, upkeep, cleaning, and so on).



Bill Newman







Home- we treat it like home for 6 or more months a year. It is stocked with all the things we need to “calm” where & when we want.

Bo walker

Experiencing — — We find it a satisfying enjoyable endeavor to plan, load up and hit the road, most specially less traveled back country good roads.

Gene Bjerke

Flexibility — We only make the most general plans and feel free to change them at any time. We have a basic rule that of any trip no matter how long (six weeks to two months) we have no more than one scheduled event.

Sherry L

Pets. I find so many people joke about the reason they have an RV…They have pets. I could never leave my little 15 yr old maltese with anyone. Let alone leave her for long periods of time. And….I do love having my own bed, not packing and repacking for hotel stays. And it is still less expensive to stay at many parks than in a hotel. Oh, and love making my own Margaritas. CHILL time!!!!

Gerald Fuller

I also had a maltese cat when I was a kid. It was huge and it’s grey fur looked almost blue. Hadn’t thought about that cat for years!

Glenda Alexander

Convenience. I hate packing, unpacking and repacking to spend a night or two in a motel (often over-priced). With my RV, everything I need is always at hand.


Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Grew up in Northern Ontario and miss it dearly.


We take frequent road trips and it is nice to have our own bed, bathroom, and kitchen with us. Even an expensive campground is cheaper than most cheap motels.


Peace & Quiet while listening to nature



Captn John

We do NOT camp. We travel mostly to explore new areas. We also stop to visit friends and family. Spent too many nights I hotels when working. Now I want my own bed, bathroom, and refer.
Anyone that thinks this is the cheap way to go best look closer. I bought a new 5er and truck this year, 5er near $100k and truck $72K. Add insurance, fuel, maintenance, and CG fees and hotels look good.

Diane M

Wow, a lot of people don’t understand the concept of “one word!”

Glenda Alexander

Chuck stated plainly, “…Feel free to explain why you chose that word, but start off with the one single word “

Diane M

You’re right. I didn’t read carefully.


Nature. I love to just sit under my awning and hear all the sounds of nature, In some countries it’s called “Forest Bathing ” I forget all my problems. I also like to sometimes camp with clubs and enjoy activities with them.

Louis J. Finkle

Mostly attending rallies, events and veteran SMART musters. Otherwise, dry camping every night while traveling.



Kenneth Serr

I just call it GLAMPING, a form of camping and a way to meet new people and see different places. I love the freedom to pick up and leave for a different spot and to survey the area for places to visit.

Judy Robinson

Peace and travel.


It was cheep, back in the early 80’s when we started with 4 kids in tents! Now all 7 kids are grown and we still “camp”. Just the 2 of us, looking for a motor home . Boy has the price of camping gone up! Might not afford it any more!


To explore new places, relax, and enjoy a slower pace. Occasionally we are fortunate and find this and are thankful for every moment. Wonderful location, great neighbors, magnificent environment. BUT too often we find too many people who just bring ‘home’ with them. Apparently they cannot live without noise – TVs, phones, computers, video games, etc. — loud, loud, loud so anyone within 3-4 campsites must endure their noise. And the generators (going all day) that they fire up for the TV, computer, AC, etc. It used to be that we left home to get away from all these ‘life… Read more »

Tim H Lecluse


Deborah Mason

Exploration. Our RV enables us to explore areas while having the comforts of home, and our dogs with us.

Nanci Dixon



Lifestyle, why sit in a motel looking at TV and a parking lot worrying about bedbugs when you can be out in the fresh air with your dog enjoying the sunset and the sound of waves breaking on a Sandy Beach with all the comforts of home?

HT Morgan

The 2 main purposes for our RV travels are:
1- We use it to do Christian mission work. We belong to a couple of organizations, such as Campers on Mission, Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief, and Billy Graham Rapid Response Team. Having an RV makes it easier to do these mission trips, some times going long distances, such as Alaska or Key West.
2- We simply enjoy traveling to new places. We enjoy the sites, natural beauty of this country, meet new people, kick back and enjoy this season in life.

Bob p

Winter home, we are searching for possible semi permanent winter home, the last 3 years we spent in different FL and last year south TX which was cool and damp(won’t go back) and this year we go back to central FL. If we find what we’re looking for we will sell the RV and buy a winter home.


Discoveries–we love seeing all the new places and experiencing new areas/communities

John M

Relaxing Being retired is not as relaxing as people think. There are still everyday things that need to be done every day or week. Taking the motorhome out for a few days or weeks give us that little bit of time to do nothing but enjoy life.

linda s gray

Solitude, and viewing all the awesome places that this country has to offer.


Love to explore new places, see new things, meet new people, every trip feels like a new adventure whether it is for one day or many.

Linda Brady

Life…to live life to its fullest traveling this country, meeting new people, visiting places we’ve never been before…just doing what both our parents had planned to do “once they retired,” and never got the chance.




All the answers posted are why we glamp. We have pets, we like our own bed, we like our own facilities, we like to see other places, like to meet other people, & to get away – no more work for us except keeping the bricks & sticks & yard up.

Gary Baney

Relaxation. When home, there are so many things screaming out for our attention; cleaning, landscaping, house maintenance, incomplete home improvement projects, etc. It goes on and on. While “camping” our focus — and demands for attention — is just on camping. Our lives become simpler and more relaxed.



Mrs C

Definitely agree. I like to listen to the trees grow. Aaah

Dan Tull


David Howard

Familiarity. That may sound strange, but using my travel trailer avoids the chance of a strange, and uncomfortable or unclean bed in a motel. It also means being able to prepare meals I am familiar with, and enjoy, rather than the high calorie fare at roadside restaurants three meals a day. And familiarity means I can keep my family pet, who wants nothing more in life than to be with me, on my road trips instead of putting her in a kennel.

Richard Davidson

Mine! The bed is mine, the toilet is mine, the sink is mine! Only We use it and no-one else!

RV Staff

Mine! Mine! Mine! Oh, wait. That’s three words. 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com


Relaxation. To escape from my very demanding and stressful job , and be outside experiencing the sounds, sights, and scents of nature is crucial to the preservation of my soul and my sanity.

Nancy Porteous

Óur own bed on wheels for travelling and making new friends

Michael Flank

Change. To experience different locations


Travel – see this great country in an affordable manner in our home on wheels (no living out of a suitcase)

Steven schultz

Pets. I travel with my dog so it’s more cost Efficient to go RVing


It has a lot to do with the freedom we get and being able to take the dog almost to any campgrounds.

Ed D.

To see the country in our own time and our own style. Adventure!

Claude Comeau

Can visit different places in comfort

D. Strope

“Glamping” – love that word(?) After 20 yrs in the 82nd Airborne, Infantry, I’ve ‘roughed-it’ enough thankyou


Hate hotels

Diane Fox



Freedom. To be able to go where I wish, sleep in my own bed, eat my own food and be free.




Contentment. John Muir quote: “And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”.

RV Staff

Oh, I like that, Donna. Thanks! I have 18 acres of remote mountain property where I go to “lose my mind and find my soul” — i.e., “regroup.” Very therapeutic! —Diane at RVtravel.com aka Mountain Mama


Avoid hot and cold weather
Get away from home to see the USA and hate motel rooms


Escape. It’s my escape from the every day routine – work, chores, bills, etc.