Saturday, July 31, 2021
Saturday, July 31, 2021

Why my junk drawer is a good thing

By Chuck Woodbury

Originally published in Oct., 2011

Today’s survey question is about whether you have a junk drawer in your RV. I have one. No matter how hard I try to organize my life, I need a junk drawer. Some objects have no other place.

junk-drawer-737My junk drawer at home is bigger than my RV’s junk drawer, so it has lots of junk — small junk, yes, but junk nonetheless. To be honest with you (as I always am, of course), I wish it would just go away. I should just dump it into a trash bag and toss it. I bet I would not miss a single thing.

The picture is of my home junk drawer. What a mess, huh?

I believe if I had a drawer that were ten times the size of my present home junk drawer, I would eventually fill it. Actually, that might describe my clothes closet, where I have a “junk corner.”

I also have a special “junk space” on my kitchen counter where I stack paper that I can’t find a place for. It mostly arrives in the mail, and it’s almost always nothing I ever wanted to begin with. I have tried going “paperless” with my bank, credit card company, utilities, doctors, etc., but they keep sending me more paper.

Remember years ago when everyone talked about a “paperless” society? They never envisioned ink jet printers.

AS A MEMBER OF THE GOOD SAM CLUB, which I usually call the Good Spam Club, I am privileged to receive its postal junk mail: hardly a week passes that the club doesn’t mail me a thick envelope with a letter telling me how special I am and therefore that I qualify to send them money for something I don’t want. But no problem: Good Spam mail goes straight to the recycling bin.

In my motorhome, thankfully, I have only one relatively small junk drawer so I have only minimal junk. My tiny clothes closet is too small for anything but clothes, which is good because even if I wanted to I couldn’t squeeze in any junk.

As I have said before, I have too much stuff, and that is why traveling in my motorhome, where I bring only what I really need, is such a pleasure. If my house burned down while I was away I would be sad, but not too sad because I would be relieved that my junk was gone.


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