Why we associate with Facebook

By Chuck Woodbury
Like many other businesses we have a page at Facebook. We also have two groups, RV Horror Stories and RV Advice.

facebook logo

Many RV Travel readers can’t stand Facebook. They want nothing to do with it. Some write me angry letters. “Why do I have to go to Facebook to be a part of your RV Travel?”

First off, they don’t need to ever go to Facebook. Everything that’s important is on our website. Personally, I am no fan of Facebook. I don’t respect Mark Zuckerberg. I won’t go into my reasons other than say I believe he has too much power and I question his integrity.

So why do we even associate in any way with Facebook? We do so because our exposure there brings us a lot of subscribers. It is very hard to grow a website like RVtravel.com without spending a lot of money on advertising. We don’t have it.

So, for us, Facebook helps us increase our readership at virtually no cost, using only our time and we can usually find some of that hanging around.