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Winegard® DISH® Playmaker™ OS 2.1 with HDTV available now


(NOVEMBER 27, 2018) — Winegard announced in a press release today that a new upgrade to the DISH Playmaker will include expanded HDTV coverage across the U.S. to select Playmaker models – a first in the industry. New hardware not needed. Current customers can download or purchase a USB drive to load new software.

Winegard® Company, a leading U.S. residential, mobile, and commercial antenna developer announced the new DISH Playmaker™ OS 2.1 update is available now for download. Any of Winegard’s Gen 2 Playmakers will now offer HDTV coverage across the country with a simple software update.

This new update, first unveiled in September, allows Playmaker satellite antennas to receive HDTV signals from DISH’s western arc and eastern arc satellites. For instance, the Playmaker can now receive programming from DISH’s Eastern Arc satellite 61.5, which gives customers in the eastern United States access to more local HD channels.

The software update can be easily and quickly downloaded and installed onto a compatible USB device at no charge. The update process takes about five minutes.

Playmaker OS 2.1 also offers customers some under-the-hood improvements. The new OS 2.1 will optimize search and further enhance the tilt compensation mechanisms in the Playmaker. Along with a compass assist feature, these mechanisms allow the Playmaker to quickly and accurately find all DISH satellites.

“After announcing there would be an update a few weeks ago, we received tremendous feedback from our customers excited for Playmaker OS 2.1 and the new features it brings,” said Keith Larson, RV aftermarket director for Winegard. “Making the update available to them today at no charge through a download from our website allows all of those loyal customers to continue to have the latest features available to them.”

The software is available today here. Customers who do not have a compatible USB drive can purchase a pre-loaded drive from Winegard for $9.99 with free shipping. The compatible Generation 2 Playmaker Models include: PL-7000, PL7000R, PL-8000, and PL-8035.

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Exactly what does this mean to me in plain language?