Friday, January 21, 2022


World’s Smallest Police Station Is In Carrabelle, Florida

Ten years ago John and I spent a glorious week in a laidback fishing village nestled along highway 98 on Florida’s panhandle. At that time the only place to shop was a small convenience store – box stores and large grocery stores were non-existent. Carrabelle worked hard to remain a little known utopia for boaters and fishermen.

Their one claim to fame was they were proud of the ‘World’s Smallest Police Station’ – a telephone booth complete with a police beacon on top situated on main street in town centre.

Early April, John and I took a trip down memory lane and we are happy to see that Carrabelle is still a picturesque laidback fishing village and their tiny ‘Police Station’ continues to stand watch.

These days there is a second beachfront campground, plus the beautiful one we stayed at has expanded. It ‘s enlightening to find that there are still parts of this world that have managed to resist change to maintain their community image.

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