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Readers tell us: What part of this newsletter (RV Daily Tips) do you look forward to most?


By Emily Woodbury

Hello, friends! I just want to take a minute to thank you for voting in our reader polls. Over the years, we’ve learned an unbelievable amount about you (and not in the creepy data-collecting way) and it’s helped shape our website. Thank you!

For example… Last week, in Monday, March 23rd’s issue, we were curious to know what part of this newsletter (the RV Daily Tips Newsletter) you are most excited to read every day. We gave you a lot of options, so I’m not surprised by the many spread-out percentages. I won’t go through all of them (that’s what the poll up above is for!), but we can have a good conversation about the results.

So, it seems that most of you enjoy the tip (both the main tip and quick tip) the most, and just about a quarter of you look most forward to our daily featured article. About 18 percent of you look most forward to the reader polls (yay!), and 9 percent of you enjoy our “Leave here with a laugh” segment the most.

So, that being said, alllllllllll the other parts of this newsletter that only got 2-3 percent of votes, like the “Popular articles you may have missed…”, the random RV thought, the website of the day, “And the survey says…”, and trivia… what should we do with those? Now, of course, many of you commented saying that you love the newsletter as a whole and that you read every part of it (we’re thrilled to hear this!), so we’re not looking to take out any parts. (Honestly, we have quite a bit of fun putting this newsletter together.) But do you think there are things we should take out and replace? Is there anything you’d like to see added (either daily, weekly, etc.)?

This is where the “you’ve helped shape our website” part comes into play.

We’re listening! Tell us what you love about this newsletter (again, the RV Daily Tips Newsletter), and what you maybe don’t love as much. Suggestions? Advice? We want to know. Please leave a comment below and tell us. I, Emily, will sort through them, and we’ll hash some ideas out at our next staff meeting.

Thanks, all. Stay healthy.

Oh, and P.S., if you’re not signed up for the RV Daily Tips Newsletter (shameless plug here!), sign up here. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

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2 years ago

I truly appreciate your willingness to open the thinking floor.
We should not fear too much.
This allows us to meet fear in a safe place.
A very powerful service for RV and otherwise type folks.
I always learn something, and I always find something to take away and consider further.

Bob C
2 years ago

I have no particular part I look forward to. But I always read Chuck’s rants. 😊

Bob Perata
2 years ago

You guys are doin a great job.

Thank you,

2 years ago

There’s nothing like it anywhere, leave it as it is Chuck. I enjoy it all, even the articles that don’t completely align with my thoughts. One doesn’t gain a step in this life walking backward , one gains by paying attention to what comes next – you, (and the contributors -cannot leave them out) all do a fabulous job getting this out each day.

2 years ago

You asked which we liked the most. Our answers do not mean we did not like the others. You should have asked which one we liked the least or none of the above. Do not remove anything – we like it as it is.
Thanks for the great work.

Ed K
2 years ago

Just because I don’t care for a particular item today doesn’t mean it won’t strike a cord tomorrow. Also, what I don’ want to read doesn’t mean others are not interested in it. I think the news letter strikes the right cord 95%-99% of the time and should not be drastically changed, keep up the good work. And keep SAFE.

Bill T
2 years ago

The overall newsletter is good. I take what info I want and leave the rest. I don’t really care for the “Laugh, trivia or most of the surveys” but others might. I enjoy the “tips, featured articles and most of the websites -of -the-day”. RVtravel.com is a good, non industry affiliated, resource for RV’ers. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Ed D.
2 years ago

I like the entire Newsletter. You combine very informative news as to the RV industry and RV Campgrounds. You offer products and guide the newbees with helpful articles. There isn’t anything that you are doing that needs to be changed. Keep up the good work and “stay safe”!

2 years ago

Please don’t change it. The sum of the parts makes the newsletter very informative and enjoyable. Please keep up the good work. Stay safe!

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