Monday, October 3, 2022


Readers tell us: Are you drinking more alcohol while in self-quarantine than before?

By Emily Woodbury

Hey, while you’re over there, would you mind filling up my… Oh! Hi, sorry, I didn’t see you there. Don’t mind me…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, isn’t it? Heck, it’s always 5 o’clock in quarantine!

Actually, since I’m a young gal, most of my drinking happens at bars, breweries or wineries with friends on the weekends. Since I haven’t been out with friends in nearly two months, I’ve been drinking less than usual. Maybe you’re the same way.

The last place I drank a beer was at a neat brewery I discovered by accident. If you’re in the Snohomish, WA, area at any point, go have a drink at Haywire Brewing Co. The brewery is inside an old Dairyland barn. They’ve got a huge outdoor space too (with firepits) with rotating food trucks. It was a nice spot. Wish I was there now…

Anyway, let’s see how you answered our poll, which we asked you in our Daily Tips newsletter on April 29th.

The highest percentage of you, 42 percent, said you’re drinking about the same amount of alcohol as you usually do. Only 12 percent of you say you’re drinking more, while another 18 percent of you are like me and are drinking less. The remaining 28 percent of you don’t drink alcoholic beverages at all.

Here are a few things you had to say:

“Here in Florida, the virus has been bad but the weather very nice, so we take advantage of it and sit outside on the porch each evening with a glass of wine and try to have a nice moment of stay-at-home!” — Edward Thomas

Jim Schrankel made me laugh. He wrote, “Doing my part by ingesting large amounts of alcohol to ward off virus!” Ha! Along the same lines, Don wrote, “No, using it as hand sanitizer😊

“I usually have a small glass of wine a couple of times a month. Before the quarantine I acquired some canned sangria, and a bottle of Black walnut creme wine. So now, I have one small glass of something every other day or so. Nearing the end of my supply, so I will be going back to normal soon.” — Elaine Schuster (Be right back, I’ve got to go look up “Black walnut creme wine.” Sounds delicious!)

OK, folks. Thanks for voting! See you back in this space next Monday. Take care.


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