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Yellowstone on pace to attract more than 4 million visitors again


The good news is that Yellowstone NP will not limit visitation next year, so you should be able to enter. The bad news is that the park will not limit visitation next year, so you may find it too crowded to find a campsite or even a parking spot.

The new superintendent of Yellowstone National Park says he won’t consider capping the number of visitors to the nation’s first national park, which is on pace to attract more than 4 million visitors for the fourth consecutive year, reported 7KTVB.com.

Cam Sholly told Montana Gov. Steve Bullock Tuesday that more visitation is good, but it’s also important to protect and preserve the park’s resources. Sholly said he would consider testing a shuttle system to reduce traffic between West Yellowstone and Old Faithful.

Sholly is in his first week as park superintendent and is meeting with political leaders and residents of gateway communities to hear their perspectives on the park.

Bullock asked for Yellowstone to do more to inform its visitors about the state park experiences available in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.


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Susan F
3 years ago

Having visited Yellowstone this past summer I would have to agree with testing a shuttle system for parts of the park. Too many vehicles clogging the roads and people behind the wheel who can’t grasp the concept that they are in a national park – not a racetrack. Circling like sharks for the limited amount of parking available at some popular sites makes for short tempers and disappointment for some who just give up and move on.