Saturday, March 25, 2023


You kidding? Deer reading deer crossing signs?

Is this for real? Nobody can really think this, can they? In this tape recording from a Fargo, North Dakota, radio station, a woman calls in to complain that the state, by placing deer crossing signs along busy interstate highways, is inviting those deer to cross where they present great danger to motorists. She asks, why not put the signs elsewhere, where the deer can cross safer?

In other words, she is suggesting the deer are reading the signs, then crossing there as instructed. Really? Listen and laugh. Nobody can be this dumb, can they? (If you listen closely, in the background you can hear the announcer ask, “Are you serious?!”)


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Jana Allen
2 years ago

My husband worked 911 dispatch for CALFire and had a similar call. Some people are amazingly stupid.

Paul Sansaver
2 years ago

The deer crossing sign call is hilarious! But, I have personally seen deer use street traffic signals in Helena MT. Urbanized deer were and are a problem there. A close friend has been harassed by deer while she was walking to work. They are captured in pens set up by police department and euthanized and meat goes to local food banks. Great solution!!

Bill Fisher
2 years ago

The sad part is these people vote. 

Arvid Myhre
2 years ago

Here is the link to when she calls back to the radio station and has finally realized just how dumb she was

Bob P
2 years ago

Sounds like a dumb blonde joke, but I have encountered people like this when I was driving trucks over the road, so I know they do exist. When you stop and think about it there’s little difference between her and someone who believes their food originated in the grocery store. If you were born and raised in the city and never ventured out of the city you could suffer these beliefs.

3 years ago

It’s bizarre someone could be so naive as to believe deer read signs. And if we move the signs to safe areas, less deer will be killed!!??

As for animal bridges both over and under the road… that’s a real thing both in the US and Canada. They are being used in Montana with great success, saving lives (both people and animals) and vehicle damage.

Donald N Wright
3 years ago

perhaps a bridge over the road so the deer can cross, and poop on our vehicles as we drive under the bridge…

Susan Luckhurst
3 years ago

Tell that lady to put a $10 item on her vehicle called “Deer Horns” and she won’t hit anymore deer, cause it scares them away. I had a deer at a full run to cross in front of me in the lake of the Ozark’s in Mo., and he heard my deer horns did a 45 degree turn immediately ran parallel with my vehicle then turn to return back to the woods. And I never touched the brakes. My passenger grabbed the dash and asked why I didn’t hit the brakes? I was that confident in these horns to work. Not all deer horns are the same either. Susan in Kansas City.

Clint Anderson
3 years ago

I have a great idea! Let’s put a traffic light next to the signs on the highway….maybe a bridge for the deer to cross over the highway…is that woman fir real??? Delusional at best!

Bev Rooker
3 years ago


3 years ago

Okay Then, a quote from the Netflix series Fargo……

Glenda Alexander
3 years ago

This reminds me of a time while I was a volunteer at the Lake Texoma Corps of Engineers’ office. We were experiencing a severe drought at that time, so the lake level was very low. A man called in and requested that the engineers put at least four more feet of water into the lake so he could use his dock. He must be that woman’s brother. :>)

Sandy Barker
3 years ago

My 8 year old asked me one time after seeing a deer crossing sign, “Mom, how do the deer know to cross here?” I almost had to pull off the side of the road I started to laugh so hard. I thought it was so funny I actually submitted it to Reader’s Digest! This lady is obviously pulling a fast one on the radio announcer. NO ONE can be this ignorant! Good laugh though.

Bob p
3 years ago
Reply to  Sandy Barker

You want to bet? Read above about the man wanting the Corps of Engineers to put 4 feet of water in the lake so he can use his dock, these people vote, then we wonder how certain politicians get elected!

2 years ago
Reply to  Sandy Barker

NO ONE can be this ignorant! – You just commented your 8 year old said it. :-/

Ray Zimmermann
4 years ago

I love it when she says, “Don’t you agree?” and there’s a long silence from the radio host and then he says, “. . . umm.”

Brad Butler
4 years ago

Her name is “Donna the deer lady”, and this is 100% staged.

Ben Dover
4 years ago

Donna is a blonde, isn’t she…….

Bob p
4 years ago

Bill Engvall the comedian addressed this same issue when his wife insisted on going with him on opening day of deer season. When she saw a sign like this and underneath it was written DEER CROSSING, she asked why the sign was there because deer can’t read, Bill replied “no but they recognize their image and they know to cross here, HERE’S YOUR SIGN!
That woman has to be a natural blonde millennial.

4 years ago

Ya can’t fix stupid, That why I retired from truck driving nearly 20 years ago. They are among us on the highway!!!!

Diane Martin
4 years ago

Sad to say, I know at least three women who would take this seriously and agree with this lady.

RV Staff
4 years ago
Reply to  Diane Martin

Of course, that wouldn’t apply to those of us named “Diane,” correct? 😀 —Diane at

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