You kidding? Deer reading deer crossing signs?


Can anyone can be this dumb? Or is this for real? In this tape recording from a Fargo, North Dakota, radio station, a woman calls in to complain that the state, by placing deer crossing signs along busy interstate highways, is inviting those deer to cross where they present great danger to motorists. She asks, why not put the signs elsewhere, where the deer can cross safer?

In other words, she is suggesting the deer are reading the signs, then crossing there as instructed. Really? Listen and laugh. Nobody can be this dumb, can they? (If you listen closely, in the background you can hear the announcer ask, “Are you serious?!”)



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Ray Zimmermann

I love it when she says, “Don’t you agree?” and there’s a long silence from the radio host and then he says, “. . . umm.”

Brad Butler

Her name is “Donna the deer lady”, and this is 100% staged.

Ben Dover

Donna is a blonde, isn’t she…….

Bob p

Bill Engvall the comedian addressed this same issue when his wife insisted on going with him on opening day of deer season. When she saw a sign like this and underneath it was written DEER CROSSING, she asked why the sign was there because deer can’t read, Bill replied “no but they recognize their image and they know to cross here, HERE’S YOUR SIGN!
That woman has to be a natural blonde millennial.


Ya can’t fix stupid, That why I retired from truck driving nearly 20 years ago. They are among us on the highway!!!!

Diane Martin

Sad to say, I know at least three women who would take this seriously and agree with this lady.

Bob Godfrey

I hope she does not vote! Or reproduce!

Jayne Kelly

Oh my! Is she for real?

Duster Dave

Best laugh I have had this year! Make her the next Senator from ND.

Tommy Molnar

She is a prime candidate for high political office.