Sunday, January 16, 2022


You won’t believe this “mobile toilet”!

Think of all the attention you would get (not to mention the smiles) in the campground or RV park, or just driving down the road, if this mobile toilet were your RV?! Sure, it’s a truck advertising a plumbing business (very ingenious!). But we can just imagine an “upstairs” bedroom in the tank, maybe enclosing the area below the tank and putting a “bathroom in the toilet”… The possibilities are endless, not to mention very interesting.

Take a tour in this short video, and be sure note the license plate. The handle even “flushes”!

Thanks to All Pro Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical in Ontario, California, for this fun distraction from the ongoing bad news we’re all dealing with.

And thanks to Mike Sokol for bringing this mobile toilet to our attention. (The subject line on Mike’s email was, “Full of it…”.) Mike thinks, and rightly so, that we need a little levity in these trying times! Oh, if we could only flush all of our problems (starting with COVID-19) down the drain!



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10 months ago

I am guessing this one runs on “GAS”…

Leslie Berg
10 months ago

Almost as cute as the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile!

Mike Ward
10 months ago

I wonder what happens when it backs up? Makes my head swirl just thinking about it!

Leslie Berg
10 months ago
Reply to  Mike Ward


10 months ago

Ontario, California, not Ontario, Canada.