Thursday, August 11, 2022



Your choice: Buy this RV book for $509 or get it free

Do you really prefer a printed book to an e-book, in this case a Kindle edition? If so, you’ll pay $509 for this RV book written by’s friends and authors John and Kathy Huggins. But you might want to make an exception this time to your preference for print, and opt for the Kindle edition. We believe free is a whole lot better than $509, unless of course, you’re the seller. But then, you need to have a Kindle Unlimited membership to get the Kindle edition for free. Otherwise you’ll pay $9.99, still pretty much a no-brainer which edition is most affordable.

Do you suppose anyone actually bought the print version? We’ll take a wild guess and say “No siree, Bob!”


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3 years ago

by free do you mean only after you have paid $ for unlimited access? … not truly free?

John Yellowolf
3 years ago

OR, you can buy a used book for $6.76. I’ll go with that one!

3 years ago

On the long motorhome and two trailers…if you have to take that much you should really stay home and play with your toys at an accomodating park for that particular toy. Too much equipment for our roads

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