Thursday, November 30, 2023


Smart Car Charger charges your phone, tablet and locates your car

The Zus will charge your phone and iPad and find your car
The Zus will charge your phone and iPad and find your car

By Bob Difley

When I was first asked to review and test the Zus I thought, “Why do I need a device to know where I parked my car?” And then I remembered that day at Disney World, and also at Arizona’s sprawling RV winter encampment at Quartzsite. There was also the Giants game AT&T Stadium in downtown San Francisco. OK, so maybe it was a good idea – if it worked.

What intrigued me more, however, was that the Zus is actually a Smart Car Charger, capable of charging two iPads at full speed – two times faster than most car chargers. I could regard the car finder feature simply as a bonus feature.

And both the car finder and charger features work. I tried it out over the past couple of weeks, charging my iPhone up as I drove and then purposely erasing from my short term memory bank where I parked the car – and each time when I pulled out my iPhone and tapped the Zus app a compass rose appeared almost instantly with an arrow pointing the direction to my car and the approximate distance.

It is so automatic that you can leave it plugged in to your cigarette lighter (a small white light shows it is activated) and when you turn off the ignition a small beep tells you that it has saved your location – and also asks if you want a time alert signal in case you parked at a meter. Pretty clever.

Find out more about ZUS Smart Car Charger and Car Finder.
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