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Do you have a blog about RVing, but would like a larger audience? If so, is interested in hosting it. Keep your current blog if you wish: you’ll gain readers to it through its exposure on

If you do not have a blog but would like to start one, please tell us your idea. We especially welcome blogs from anyone with an expertise in some aspect of RVing.

•Post at least two times a month. Once a week is preferred. If you want to post once a day that works, too. It’s up to you.
•Pay: There is no pay, although if you want to earn money from the blog we will coach you.
•The only type of blog we don’t publish are personal travelogues that basically say “we went here and did that.” Nobody but family and close friends reads those.
•No special writing skills are required. Good grammar and spelling are important. We will proofread all posts to correct minor errors.
•If you are familiar with Word Press that’s a help, but not necessary. We will teach you basic posting skills (text, photos and videos).
•There is no charge to you, of course.

What’s in it for you?
•A sizable audience for your work. And the chance to earn money from it if you build an audience. Again, we can help you.
•Each time you post, it will be publicized on our RSS feed which is emailed to about 4,000 RVers every day.
•We will list your blog with a short explanation of what it’s about in our directory on
•We will publicize your most interesting postings in our Saturday newsletter, which will typically drive hundreds if not thousands of readers your way.
•We will offer you paid work if we see an opportunity (no guarantees).
•You own your articles to post elsewhere if you wish.

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