Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What natural disasters do you fear most?

We're guessing your answer to this poll question, what natural disasters do you fear the most, will depend on where you live or spend...

Which RVtravel.com newsletter do you get most excited to read?

OK, since you clicked on this poll through our RV Daily Tips newsletter, we're guessing that means you like the Daily Tips newsletter enough...

What you should know about buying a used RV

By Mark Polk, RV Education 101 Are you a first-time RV buyer? Sometimes a used RV can be a great buy. There are many affordable used...
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Will you buy the same type of RV next time around?

Are you happy with the type of RV you now own? If you own a motorized RV now will you likely buy another motorized...
RV Electricity

Child dies from touching the family RV

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR Please answer our poll below: Have you ever been shocked by touching an RV? (Voting is closed.) (UPDATE, MAY 9, 2021) — I wrote this...
Work camping is a great way to earn additional income on the road and offset costs.

Work camping: Why now is the time to try it

By Julie Chickery Work camping, also referred to as workamping, is a great way to earn an income and reduce your expenses as a full-time...
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How important is it to you to spend time alone?

Do you like to spend time alone? Do you actually NEED time alone to maintain your sanity? Or do you prefer to be around...

When you go out to eat, which meal is it usually for?

When you go out to eat, which meal is it usually for? Do you mostly go out for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Perhaps you're like...

How often do you do laundry?

As much as owning an RV is a superpower (you do have a house on wheels, after all), RVers still have to do the...

Have you ever had to remove a tick from your body?

Eeeeewwwww. Just thinking about ticks makes us cringe. But, 'tis the season for those pesky blood-suckers (seriously, we're cringing). Or, as one of our...
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Do you envision yourself living full-time in an RV someday?

Is your dream to live in an RV full-time — every day of the year? Or are you already doing it? Nobody really knows how...
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How do you feel about RV parks charging more when demand is high, like...

It's already happening, and you can expect it will be happening more often beginning this summer: RV parks are raising the price of a...

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