Sunday, October 25, 2020
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How old were you when you met your current spouse/partner?

Have you been with your spouse or partner for a long, long time? Maybe you were high school sweethearts? Or perhaps that marriage didn't...

New Car Review: 2020 Honda Pilot, tangled up in black

By James Raia The Honda Pilot is in its 19th year as the manufacturer's biggest, most versatile and most expensive sport utility vehicle. It's also...

Mug shots! Show us your favorite mug, October 24, 2020

In a recent issue of our Saturday RV Travel newsletter, we asked you to submit a photo and short description of your favorite mug....
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Have you ever met anyone RVing who remained a friend for years?

Most long-time RVers have made friends on their journeys. They meet some when wintering in the same snowbird park year after year. Others befriend...

Meet your fellow RVtravel.com readers, October 24, 2020

We asked RVtravel.com readers to tell us about themselves. Here are a few responses. Hi. We are Bill and Brenda Robbins from northeastern NC. I...

An easy tip to keep the motorhome warm on the road

By Nanci Dixon Brrr! It is cold riding in a motorhome in the winter! Granted, we left Minnesota in a snowstorm, so we knew it...

A perfect fall recipe: Instant Pot Jambalaya with a twist

By Nanci Dixon My family loves Jambalaya and they love red beans and rice too. With this Instant Pot™ recipe, I decided to take a...

How many (non-spam) emails do you receive in a typical day?

How many emails do you receive in a typical day? And we mean emails you actually want to receive, or sign up for, not...

How many air conditioners does your RV have?

Remember the days when RVs only had one air conditioner (and that was only if you were lucky and it was working!)? Nowadays, some...

How many burners are there on your RV’s kitchen stove?

Some of us may have an RV that has a small stove, two burners or maybe even just one. Others of us might have...

As an adult, have you ever been so poor you were challenged to feed...

Have you ever been so poor that you had trouble feeding yourself or your family? We're talking about in your adult life. Heaven knows, many...

If you encounter a mountain lion, do this!

The information below is courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Mountain lions are generally calm, quiet and elusive. They tend to live in remote, primitive...

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