Sunday, February 23, 2020
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The dysfunctional RV industry and you. Parts 1 & 2

PART ONE This originally appeared in Issue 936 of RVtravel.com, posted February 22, 2020. By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR For nearly 20 years I have written an essay in...

How one RVer figured out how to never do laundry again

By Rick Cain Most RVers do laundry. But not me. I don’t have to deal with laundry at all. Let me tell you why. Boredom and...

The joy of camping next to a neighbor’s electric palm tree

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR I am often amazed in RV parks about how so many RVers are consumed with lighting up the park at night. They...

Camping versus RVing: What’s the difference?

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR I think I am finally able to define the lifestyle called RVing, which some people criticize because it's not really "camping." What...

KOA to open new park: RVs not welcome

By Chuck Woodbury EDITORIAL Jumping on the new, hot trend of "glamping," a new KOA park in Maine will open in June without a single RV...

Will your RV be banned from your neighborhood?

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR When I am not traveling I keep my motorhome parked by the side of my house on a level gravel surface created...

All alone, with my head about to explode!

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR I have been alone now for two weeks with two weeks to go. My significant other, Gail, has flown to Seattle to...

Is 11 a.m. too early a checkout time?

By Chuck Woodbury I have stayed in many RV parks where the checkout time is 11 a.m. Nothing unusual about that, right? Par for the...

New RV buyers upset with “horrible bed.” Why did they buy it?

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR I found this question on social media. I want to pull my hair out when I read something like this. Here is...

Airstream’s far-out (wacky?) ideas of the future

By Chuck Woodbury There is a principle in business: Always make enough improvement in your products each year so you can sell your customers the...

RVer takes pride in cheating campground reservation system

We found this on the Facebook group Florida RV Camping. It made us mad. Why do some people think they do not need to...

“RV park of the future” misses the mark

By Chuck Woodbury EDITOR Our story in last Sunday's newsletter titled "Is new self-service RV park the wave of the future" has already been read 102,000...

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