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Charter & RoadRunner blocking
We’re aware some of our subscribers with Charter or RoadRunner email addresses are not receiving our email newsletter alerts. We’re currently working on this with our email provider to resolve this issue.
You can always go to our home page and see all of our latest newsletters there.
You can also choose another email address to receive your alerts.
You may also want to contact Charter/RoadRunner support and ask they they whitelist so that you can receive our emails.

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Q: What do I do if I have an incorrect username or password message when I tried to login?
A: You do not need to sign on/log in to to use our website. In fact, there isn’t a way for you to do so. This keeps our site easy for you to use. The only time you need to enter information is when you comment, and we have a checkbox that allows you to save that info so you only have to enter it one time.

Q: How do I fix missing polls/blank spaces?
A: Can’t see our polls? Be sure to disable any ad blockers and script blockers on our site (Such as AdBlock, Chrome ad blocking, Privacy Badger, uBlock or NoScript). Our polls need scripts and are sometimes mistaken for an advertiser, so once you allow scripts and ads to run on our site, our polls should start working for you and the blank spaces will disappear.

Q: I’m missing email alerts in my inbox, what do I do?
A: 1) Please check your SPAM folders to see if your email alert ended up in there by accident.
2) Please add to your “safe senders” lists or whitelists, this will solve most issues. Here are instructions on how to add us to the safe senders list on the most popular email clients. If your email client is not on the list please check with your email vendor and see what method they use to keep spam out of your inbox.
3) Please add to your address book.
4) If you unsubscribe from one of our lists but would like to stay subscribed to others please make sure you don’t mark us as spam, that will automatically remove you from all of our lists.

Q: I get a warning when I click on a link in your email, why is that happening?
A: Some Microsoft email users are seeing a red warning when clicking on links in our emails, this is a false warning and the links are OK. You can report this false warning to Microsoft by forwarding our newsletter email to:

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