Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Site Announcements

Before continuing to the form below, please be aware that there have been some changes on RVtravel.com in the last few weeks.

Incorrect username or password message when you tried to login. Our forums were not getting a lot of use, so we decided to take them down. As a part of that process, all login information for the forums were removed. This was done for your security, since a logging in was no longer required, the safest thing to do is to remove those logins. We’re sorry we didn’t make an announcement sooner.
SUPPORTING MEMBERS: this has no bearing on your membership, this issue is forum related only.

Commenting voting, subscriptions and other features are gone. As always, you do not need to log in to our website to view stories or comment. You do have to supply your name and email address to comment on a story. Our enhanced comments have been temporarily reverted back to the plain version, we’re working to bring our enhanced comment system including voting and subscriptions back. Should be this week. We appreciate your feedback! If the above information does not address what you wanted to contact us about, please fill in the form below.

Thank You – RVtravel.com