Tuesday, May 24, 2022


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SpaceX introduces Starlink RV internet for RVers

On Monday, May 23rd, Elon Musk's SpaceX introduced a new high-speed internet service specifically aimed at RVers. “Starlink RV” features immediate shipment of Starlink...

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RV Review: Dutchmen Kodiak Cub 177RB, a no-slide mighty mini

As written before, I’m doing my best to work through all the requests and emails you have been kind enough to send me. One...

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MeanFun ladder: A silly name for a great gadget for RVers

This week’s gadget is something I’ve gotten more use out of than I thought I would—the MeanFun telescoping ladder that I bought on Amazon. The...

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Tricks to finding quiet RV parks

Who wouldn’t want a little peace and quiet? From morning to night, daily noise hammers at our senses. Work, traffic, technology, conversation, and more...

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All is not what it seems on ‘full’ RV dealer lots

RV dealer lots around the country are slowly starting to refill, but things are far from normal despite what RVers are seeing as they...

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Which TOP TWO of these amenities do you prefer most at an RV park?

Perhaps you just need a spot to stay for one or two nights and the amenities don't matter to you. But perhaps you're staying...

When staying in a hotel/motel do you leave a tip for the housekeepers?

Right, right. We know we're a site about RVing. But we do enjoy the occasional break in a hotel or motel sometimes. Do you? When...

Would you like to own and operate an RV park if given the opportunity?

If you were given the opportunity to own and operate an RV park, would you? Notice we don't give many options in today's poll. You've...

Have you ever met a celebrity or other well-known public figure on an RV trip?

As RVers, we're always on the move. One minute we're in Hollywood, the next we're in Miami (with stops everywhere in between, of course)....

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Stop saying “someday.” A lesson learned the hard way

By Lisa Adcox Last October 25th changed our lives. My husband, Rick, had a stroke and life got turned upside down. We were workamping in...