Sunday, October 25, 2020
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News for RVers #971, Sunday edition

Welcome to RVtravel.com, the newsletter that cares. Please tell your friends about us! Learn about RV camping, RV travel, RV news and much more. This...
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How old were you when you met your current spouse/partner?

Have you been with your spouse or partner for a long, long time? Maybe you were high school sweethearts? Or perhaps that marriage didn't...
Rockwood GeoPro 19FBTH

RV review: Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBTH toy hauler

By Tony Barthel It’s difficult to find a small, high-quality toy hauler but the 2021 Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBTH is a standout for many reasons,...

Free and cheap places to stay in an RV, Issue 971

Free and inexpensive places to stay with your RV in the U.S. and Canada! Updated weekly When it comes to free places to stay a night...

Is geotagging ruining nature and the outdoor experience?

By Dave Helgeson Due to the pandemic, more people than ever are heading outdoors to hike, camp and/or escape urban craziness. Thanks to geotagging, it...

Are you unintentionally spoiling RVing for others?

By Chuck Woodbury Our frequent contributor Dave Helgeson wrote an article today about the increasing problem of geotagging. What's geotagging? In its most popular form...

Bear sightings cropping up in Texas

If the idea of seeing a bear in the wild brings to mind images of Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks, here's a reminder that...

New Car Review: 2020 Honda Pilot, tangled up in black

By James Raia The Honda Pilot is in its 19th year as the manufacturer's biggest, most versatile and most expensive sport utility vehicle. It's also...

RV Travel Newsletter Issue 971

Welcome to RVtravel.com, the newsletter for intelligent, open-minded RVers. Please tell your friends about us! Learn about RV camping, RV travel, RV news and much...
RV Electricity

RVelectricity – Get your RV ready for winter maintenance

By Mike Sokol Dear Readers, Watch my new SoftStartRV installation video HERE. Since the camping season is just about over, I'm including some tips and gadgets that...

Mug shots! Show us your favorite mug, October 24, 2020

In a recent issue of our Saturday RV Travel newsletter, we asked you to submit a photo and short description of your favorite mug....

RV Review: 2021 Camp365, a most unusual folding trailer

By Tony Barthel The 2021 Camp365 is such a different concept that it doesn’t really fit any mold, but it would fit in most garages...

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