A special message to our members

motorhome with suitcases on topTHIS NEWSLETTER IS MOVING


By Chuck Woodbury
Beginning the first weekend in March, our weekend newsletters will swap places. The one currently published on Saturdays will move to Sunday. Our current Sunday news edition will move to Saturday.

We’ve been thinking about this for a long time. For most of our 22 years of publishing (or is it 23?) we published only one newsletter a week — that’s it, nothing midweek (like our current RV Daily Tips). For many years we published the weekend RV Travel newsletter on Saturdays, then we switched to Sunday, and then we switched again (and again). I don’t recall why.

The weekend RVtravel.com newsletter is currently published in two editions, on Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday edition has focused on feature articles, and the Sunday edition on news.

Some of us on the staff are obsessed with bringing you the latest news. So we end up working all day and into the night on Saturday. Well, it’s come to the point where I would like my weekends free to do other things, like “normal people.” And I just can’t ask our staff to give up half their weekend as I have so often asked in the past.

So we’ll start publishing the news edition on Saturday, which means our deadline will be Friday. That will be an incredible load off my aging shoulders. The new features edition is typically put together though the week, as is, so we can wrap that up easily by Friday, too, and schedule it for Sunday.

We are also beginning to offer special content to those of you who support us with voluntary subscriptions. We’ve wanted to do that for a long time, but never quite got around to it in a serious way. It’s time.

If you gave us $5, say five years ago (many of you pledged support many years ago and not since), we’d appreciate it if you could chip in a little again. We think the information we provide is far and away the most valuable and ethical on the Web. Members (that’s you) now amount to about 6 percent of our total audience. That may not sound like much, but it’s far higher than most other publications or services that charge a “freemium,” which is a payment for something provided free with a donation encouraged (the average is 4 percent).

So that’s a quick explanation of why we are changing our publishing schedule.

Thank you again for your support.