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Your safety while boondocking – your responsibility

By Bob DifleyOne of the many joys associated with boondocking is finding those pristine, backwoods campsites or forest service campgrounds that have a minimal...

Solar panel charging tips for any location, including forests

By Bob Difley Boondocking in the national and state forests in summer and using solar power to provide your electricity presents different challenges than found...

How to prepare for boondocking

By Bob Difley You can boondock as long as your on-board resources hold out. Basic equipment for dry camping (without hookups) includes:•A house battery...

Using basic courtesy when boondocking is good for all RVers

By Bob Difley If you're not accustomed to boondocking, you might think that when you are truly boondocking — camping out away from any hook-ups...

What to do if you encounter a bear in the woods

By Bob Difley You're hiking a woodland trail when suddenly you come upon a bear. Whether you're boondocking or staying in a campground, if you...

Use common sense to become a happy boondocker

By Bob DifleyBoondocking is not brain surgery. Anyone can camp overnight without hookups. Two or three days takes a little effort — no, not...

Southwest camping for 85 cents a day!

By Bob DifleyYes, spring is almost here, but for the last bit of winter and if you haven't tried this area yet, the Southwestern...

Stretch your amps and watts

By Bob Difley Electricity. We take it for granted. Plug in an appliance and turn it on. What could be simpler. But when you take...

Winter camping in “summer” locations

By Bob DifleyNot all RVers are full-timers, and not all full-timers head south to warmer weather in winter. If you are one of those...

Basic tips for “dry camping”

By Bob Difley Dry camping, camping without utility hookups, requires special preparations – and that includes wise use of electricity. Here are a few basic...
RV Electricity

Welcome to RV Electricity Issue 14

By Mike Sokol           Dear Readers, Here's a quick update on my residential refrigerator test and what it takes to boondock on solar...

Coyote camping (boondocking) in the Southwestern deserts

By Bob (BoondockBob) DifleyOf all the styles of camping, from backpacking tents to fancy RV resorts accommodating 40 foot+ motorhomes, coyote camping (ultimate boondocking)...

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