Friday, May 7, 2021
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Is it boondocking, dry-camping or blacktop boondocking?

  Here's a question from a reader of about boondocking.  Hi, Bob, I'm confused. I've heard the terms boondocking, dry-camping, blacktop boondocking, and others. Do they all...

Campground Robo Ranger check-in problems for RVer

  Dear RV Shrink: I think I may be too old to travel. I just spent a half hour with a Robo Ranger trying to...

Seeing through campground reservation “smoke and mirrors”

 Dear RV Shrink: We are in Yellowstone National Park and are finding our RV is too big to camp in some of the campgrounds....

Tips for slipping your rig into a narrow campsite

By Bob Difley You will find many of the most scenic, nature-focused, and "nesty" campgrounds in national and state forests and parks. They often are...

Finding a campsite getting nerve-racking?

 Dear RV Shrink: This RV lifestyle is supposed to be relaxing, but trying to get a space in a campground is nerve-racking. My...

State park funding: Thinking out of the box

By Russ and Tiña De MarisAs state park managers continue to find themselves caught in the middle of trying to keep the parks up...

What can we do about vandalized public property?

Dear RV Shrink: One of the comments someone made under last week's column caught my attention. We have not spent much time in campgrounds during the...

Birdwatchers want earlier access to campgrounds

Dear RV Shrink: We are avid birdwatchers and full-timers. This makes us full-time birdwatchers. Our travel lifestyle puts us into a lot of boondocking/dry camping...

Looking for a campground? Think alternatives

By Bob Difley Traveling unfamiliar territory and need a place to put up for the night? Pull out your Trailer Life or Woodall's Campground Directory...

What to do about bird feeder syndrome

Dear RV Shrink: My husband and I have been feeding birds for 40 years in our backyard. When we sold our home and began living...