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Did I get scammed? I bought an RV sight-unseen and it had problems! A precautionary tale for buyers

The story about my plans to travel with 12 cats cross-country continues with twists and turns. I purchased a used 39-foot Class A toy...

Why it’s so important to take a certified expert along for your next RV purchase

News stories concerning the quality of the products being shipped from RV manufacturing plants continue to pop up in the media. This week, there...

What’s ready to fall off your RV?

What’s ready to fall off your RV? More specifically, what is ready to fall off from under your RV? The past two summers we have...

New RV inspection facilities may help RV quality issues

By Russ and Tiña De Maris You don’t need to look far to find dissatisfaction among folks who’ve bought new RVs. It’s a matter of,...

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