Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Building an RV park: Our beautiful state is on fire!

By Machelle James Our beautiful state is on fire – LITERALLY! The Bush Fire began on June 13, due to a car fire. It is...

Building an RV park: We had visitors!

By Machelle James With our state beginning to open up again, we have been able to see our friends again! Living up here, out of...

Building an RV park: WE WERE APPROVED!

By Machelle James Imagine having someone sitting on your chest. You are paralyzed and you can’t breathe. When AJ and I were getting ready for...

Building an RV park from scratch: It’s an emotional roller coaster!

By Machelle James I think I have had more stress in the last two weeks than I care to admit. We have had many back...

Easy ways to cut down on unnecessary electricity usage

By Bob Difley One of the skills for making boondocking more enjoyable if you haven't installed solar panels is the efficient use of your available...

Video: Roger “Hurricane” Wilson shares a catchy tune about RVing

Popular travel bloggers Gone with the Wynns shared this video of Roger "Hurricane" Wilson singing his tune "Home Sweet Home in My RV" in...

Building an RV park: We’re still waiting!

By Machelle James I have to admit, writing an article for you every two weeks is sometimes a challenge. Since everything is still frozen financially,...

Want to downsize? Sell your stuff on eBay

By Chris Guld, Geeks on Tour We sold our house in 2003 and moved into an RV. First we packed the RV with whatever we...

RV Club Directory for the USA and Canada

Welcome to the most complete and up-to-date RV club directory in North America. But we need your help to tell us which clubs we've...

Use creative exercises to tune up your life

By Greg Illes Exercise shouldn’t mean that you have to curl a telephone pole with your fellow Navy Seals (photo below). In fact, it can...

Building an RV park: We met the neighbors … again!

By Machelle James Well, well, well.... We had another neighborhood meeting after a small group of neighbors complained they didn't have enough time to drive...

Think rubber tires will protect your RV from lightning? Think again!

When lightning is striking all around, do you think your RV, riding atop rubber tires, will protect you from being struck? Well, hate to...