Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Building an RV park: The RV pads are graded!

By Machelle James As I sit back and reflect on the last two weeks, it’s a bit of a blur. When I last wrote, we...

Building an RV park: Thank you! And we can see the camping spots!

By Machelle James My Oh My, did we have a very successful last two weeks! Thanks to you, our readers, friends and family, we raised...

Building an RV park: We had a bombshell dropped on us!

By Machelle James It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when AJ opened his email and he received a BOMBSHELL email from our General Contractor. Here...

Building an RV park: Saying Goodbye to 2020 – and a surprise interview!

By Machelle James While we celebrated a quiet Christmas here at home, we are now getting ready to celebrate New Year's Eve and say Goodbye...

Building an RV park: SBA loan delays, videos of elk fighting over pumpkins

By Machelle James As Christmas music plays in the background, hot tea in hand, I truly have no idea what to write about as AJ...

7 tips for keeping a happy marriage while RVing

Imagine that you and your partner just got married. You dated for three years, got married, and have now decided to buy an RV...

Building an RV park: Septic update and a dirty cabin!

By Machelle James As I write this, I am still recovering from a week-long food coma. We had family come into town last week for...

10 harsh RV realities for beginners

By Dave Helgeson Many of us that have been RVing for years have learned the realities of RVing via direct experience (aka school of hard...

Building an RV park: What happens when you hit a rock shelf digging for...

By Machelle James As we watched the Cat® tractors rumble past us, roaring to their next dig, we could hardly contain our excitement. It's actually...

Building an RV park: We have tractors! Septic system, fencing and more updates

By Machelle James (Thurs., Nov. 5) — It is our last week before the crazy, cold and unpredictable weather comes in. We received a phone...

Building an RV park: Septic system approved! Costs escalate

By Machelle James Our phone rang at 5:00 p.m. last Friday. We were in the middle of fixing a propane gas leak on our friend’s...

Building an RV park: We have RV storage progress, and more!

By Machelle James I had to look back at my calendar to see all the appointments we’ve had the last couple of weeks! We had...