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Norcold refrigerators recalled for spontaneously catching fire

(May 30, 2016) — We’ve told you about this before, but this is so important it’s worth another reminder. Many RV refrigerators manufactured by...

RV stove on the fritz? Or Fritz on the RV stove?

Dear RV Shrink: Thank you for the reminder that we should have our alarms tested periodically. After reading your column we tested all of ours...

Carrying propane in the wrong place can spell disaster

By Russ and Tiña De Maris For some RVers there's never enough room for propane. We had a smaller truck camper years back that had...

Transport propane tanks safely with Tailgater

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had to suddenly brake very hard to avoid a collision while transporting your propane tank...

How do I test my propane leak detector?

By Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service People have asked me: "How do I test my propane leak detector?" The short answer is: Most detectors cannot be...

Radiant heaters: An alternative to RV forced air furnaces

By Greg Illes Heating in most RVs is with a forced-air, propane-fired system. These heaters are effective at heating up the trailer or coach in...

Stop fiddling with that *$#&! propane retaining bar!

By Jim Twamley   If you are like me, you fuss with that pesky propane retaining bar, squirreling it around until you can get at your...

A hot idea for gauging LP in your cylinders

By George Bliss   Propane tanks are pretty much maintenance free.  Running with two 20-, 30- or 40-poundtanks and an automatic change-over valve, it takes only...

Can flea collars keep pests out of your RV?

By Cheryl Probst The next time you’re buying a flea collar for your dog or cat, throw one in for your RV. It could save...

Stop throwing money away on throwaway propane canisters

By Bob Difley Stop buying those expensive LP gas canisters to fire up your gas barbecue. Not only is it a spendy proposition, it's a...