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maintenance and repair

What to do about squeaky slideouts

By Russ and Tiña De Maris A squeaky slideout can drive any RVer to distraction. There's just something jarring to the nerves about this noise....
RV Slideout Sweep attachment

Save your RV slideouts from damage with this amazing tool!

By Tony Barthel The RV Slideout Sweeper is one of those products for RVs that you knew you needed and wished someone would invent. Fortunately,...
maintenance and repair

Gearbox broke and our slide is grinding – Help!

Dear Mark, We are on the road and I think a gearbox broke when we went to deploy our kitchen slide. The slide moved about...

Slideouts operating erratically? Here’s probably why

Steve Savage submitted this article to when he was a Master Certified RV Technician with Mobility RV Service. If you find the slideouts in...

RV Doctor: What can be done for a noisy RV slideout?

Dear Gary: Our 2007 Winnebago has a living room/dinette booth slide that makes a loud groaning or growling noise when sliding. It has a little...

RV Doctor: What to do about RV siding delamination

Dear Gary: I have a 2004 RV with a wood frame. Last summer I noticed what I believe you call "delaminating" on the front section....

RVers can’t locate source of slideout leak

Dear Gary, We have a 2009 Monaco and have had a leak in the bedroom slide from the very beginning.  It takes about an hour...

Manually overriding the RV’s slideout system

The RV Doctor Dear Gary, I have a 2011 Jayco trailer with a slide. The owner's manual states that the slide can be manually operated in...

Dealer says water in RV from retracting slideout is normal

Dear Gary, I’m a single woman and have a Fleetwood Bounder. When it rains and I bring the slideout in and I un-level the motorhome,...

RVer can’t find slideout’s manual override

Dear Gary, We have a 27-foot Gulf Stream Streamlite trailer with a small slideout. The manual states that there is a manual override to retract...
RV Doctor

Switch doesn’t stop RV’s slideout when retracting

Dear Gary, I have a 1998 5th wheel RV with a slideout living room. My problem is that there must be a relay somewhere that...

What can be done about a leaky slideout?

Dear Gary, We recently purchased a 2004 coach. From the moment we got it the slideout has leaked so bad that the wood trim around...