Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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Contest Issue 776

  We have a winner. The correct answer is "A" -- to create ruffles, etc. What was this device from the late 1800s used for? A. To create...

How can we reserve a good campground site?

Dear RV Shrink: I know life is not fair, but some of these campground reservation sites need improvement. People have figured out how to game...
RV Electricity

Dim interior lights: Battery problem or power converter?

By Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service Here's a common question that's worth sharing. From a reader: Recently my lights in my fifth wheel have started getting...

Stabilizer jacks are not for lifting your RV

by Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service Most travel trailers have a stabilizer jack on each corner, and fifth wheels normally have one on each rear corner. Why...

How to avoid damaging slides when leveling an RV

So what's the correct way to level your rig without damaging the slides — before or after they are extended? The safest (and most...

What is it? Issue 762

 This Simplex X-Ray Shoe Fitter made it possible to see the bones of the foot inside a shoe. It would show any deformation or...