Monday, April 12, 2021
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Len Wilcox

New South Dakota statue honors ‘Dignity’

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEW A new statue overlooks the Missouri River in the central part of South Dakota. Called Dignity, it’s a 50-foot tall image...
Len Wilcox

Headed North? So is North, itself. Huh?

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEW Lots of people want to move north these days, but there’s a problem. North itself is moving. According to an article...
Len Wilcox

How to wear a cowboy hat

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEW One of my favorite writers published a piece that told the rules for wearing a cowboy hat. That writer is Bob...
Len Wilcox

There’s more to Barstow than a quick stop for gas or grub

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEW There’s a lot of fine places to visit in California, and a few that are not so wonderful. Some people might...