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Len Wilcox

Western Views: Basque sheepherders in the West

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEWSDo you remember sheepherder wagons? I recall seeing them off in the distance, out on the prairie, in those Wyoming hills...
Len Wilcox

The story of Shorty Harris, a colorful Rainbow Chaser

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEWSBallarat, California, is a town on the edge of nowhere, a collection of mud huts and tin shanties in one of...
Len Wilcox

Western Views: Shep’s Lessons In Loyalty

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEWS I’d like to tell you an old story that still wanders the Montana countryside. It starts in the summer of 1936...
Len Wilcox

Western Views: Make the Border Wall an asset, not a liability

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEWS Back when I was growing up in a small town on the Rio Grande, the border with Mexico was just a...
Len Wilcox

Ever stood under the shade of a Moon Tree?

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEWS Have you ever stood under the shade of a Moon Tree? Well, you can, and you don’t have to go to...

The Catholic priest who became an unlikely Western hero

By Len Wilcox WESTERN VIEWSWhen we think of Western heroes, there’s a slew of them to consider.  Men like Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, Juan Bautista...