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Our readers explain why they like

Here is just fraction of the unsolicited comments we’ve received recently from our readers about We’re been publishing for 17 years and we’re pretty darn knowledgeable about the subject of RVing. Some of these comments make reference to our videos, on our popular YouTube Channel. But don’t just trust us. Read what our readers say:

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Your articles are very informative and educational. You take the mystery out of a lot of different problems one may encounter RVing. I for one enjoy reading them very much. Keep up the good work.

Nick D.

I look forward every Saturday. I’m not sure whether it’s because of my “very retired state of mind” or the excellent, very entertaining and informative writing. I suspect it’s due to the latter. Thanks very much!

Chuck C.

As always, Chuck, I thoroughly enjoy your newsletter and your Roadside Journal.

Sheridan B.

I have been reading this newsletter for several years now. I make a point of not reading until Sunday morning which I read while drinking my pot of Sunday coffee. Now a retired full-time RVer I can take my time. It’s one little ritual that I look forward to every week. Despite the time I have enjoyed reading it, there is never a week go by that I didn’t learn something or just plain enjoy reading Chuck’s comments. Many of which I can absolutely relate to. Please keep what you are doing, Chuck. I would greatly miss my Sunday morning ritual. Thanks for your efforts always.

Mike B.

I have been reading your newsletter for 12 years now. I have told hundreds of RVers about RV Travel, like having good information for my fellow RVers. Full time now for 10 years. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Rog & Deb

Hi Chuck, enjoying your editorials, glad that you are again in the groove.

Gary W.

Thanks for all the good articles. Enjoy every one. Thanks again for your time in writing these many newsletters and etc. 73 from Nebraska


Hello Chuck, I am re-enthused to see your comments regarding RV quality or the lack thereof, and the seeming disregard for customer satisfaction by dealers and the near industry monopoly of manufacturers. Please, do not lessen your efforts to inform as many as possible of the current rights and wrongs that currently exist. I, and I’m certain many other longtime RV owners, would willingly offer to you, the benefit of our “Hands-On” experience. I look forward to hearing from you. Keep up the good work !!


I’d like to award an “Attaboy” to you. Your newsletter is a joy to read every Saturday morning with my coffee. Your observations on coach quality I feel are spot on. I’m going to take every opportunity I can to promote your newsletter through my contacts on Facebook & other social media sites. Please keep up the good work.

Phil A.

It’s not a Saturday without Chuck…….you speak and write from the heart…..carry on RV man…..U r there 4 us. We r there 4 u!!!!!!


Hi Chuck, Been following your newsletter for about a year now. Have learned a great deal from your site.

Madelyn B.

I enjoy your newsletter and articles, and look forward to them every weekend. As we start using more mobile devices, I would love to see your site and newsletter become more mobile friendly. Keep up the great work with your articles and videos.

C. Young

Chuck, I hope you realize that your voice is needed to share with consumers to “look before they buy:” and the RV industry that, yes, someone is watching you and letting people know. I became a member of your newsletter because I needed to find out all the information I could before I made this huge “leap of faith” to purchase. Over this year and half, I saw what you and your staff do to provide interesting, often thought-provoking commentary. That’s when I became a paid subscriber. Don’t lose faith in what you’re doing … there’s always rain before the sun shines! Thanks to you and your staff, I know that I have a lot more knowledge about RVs, and now I’m an informed consumer. When I make that decision to buy, I know I have been provided the kind of information that will help me make a good decision. Thanks again and keep up the good work!


Great newsletter and I appreciate your “ramblings”!!! I am relatively new to RVing. I am an avid researcher and am well aware of the RV quality issue. Please keep fighting the good fight. Most voices in the RV industry and culture sing the praises of the lifestyle and don’t discuss the ugly underbelly of the RV industry. Greg Gerber, John Huggins, and you are the only voices that I have heard that are willing to challenge the poor RV quality issue. Keep it up!


The weekly newsletter is just long enough to keep me reading a little each day of the week until the next issue comes out. Have learned so much, no other site gives out as much good solid info. Been following it about 4 years.


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