Why do we have a contest, week after week?

By Chuck Woodbury
Our RVtravel.com contests are for fun. In the past 10 years I bet we have given away $10,000 in prizes. Sometimes the prizes are very useful items, especially for RVers. Other times they’re gags. We love to give away Chia Pets, scorpion paperweights and fuzzy little jackalopes. But most of the time the prizes are items that are useful to you.

The contests are just one more benefit for our readers.

We don’t have to do the contests. They cost us money. We almost always pay for the prizes ourselves. Every once in awhile a business will approach us and volunteer a prize. But 99 of 100 contests, we pay for the prize and for postage to ship it to you.

I don’t know of another RV website that does this. If they have a contest, they’ll give away an eBook or something else that doesn’t cost them a penny. I sometimes wonder why everyone is so cheap.

Like I said, our contests are for fun.

We hope you enjoy them. We plan to keep ’em going for a long time. In fact, we plan to do more than one a week, starting soon. The more the merrier. We like giving away stuff. It makes people happy. It makes us happy. Good deal all the way around!