Tuesday, June 6, 2023


A visit to George Washington, home of largest cherry pie

By Chuck Woodbury
Editor, RVtravel.com

George is a little town in Washington. The proper way to write its name would be George, Washington. But some people just write George Washington, with no comma, as in the father of our country.

George is right along I-90, just east of the Cascade mountains between Ellensburg and Moses Lake. Don’t blink as you pass by. Every year, the locals bake the “World’s Largest Cherry Pie,” in honor of President Washington, who chopped down a cherry tree when he was a little boy. But he really didn’t. That’s just a folktale that gets passed from generation to generation.

There used to be a good place to eat in George. But Martha’s Inn has closed. A new Subway sandwich shop opened a half-mile away right at the interstate exit. Sadly, most motorists opt for a familiar place over the unknown. I can tell you from experience that Martha’s Inn was a whole lot better — well, at least more interesting. There were good things tacked to the walls – pictures and calendars mostly. And the waitresses chewed gum and called you “Hon.” Nobody at Subway calls you that.


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