Friday, October 7, 2022


Add-on small shelves can organize or display

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
It seems like there’s never quite enough “space” for everything in the RV. Sometimes an off-the-wall idea can help. Actually, in this case, it’s an on-the-wall idea.

Need a handy spot for small stuff you need beside the bed at night? Tired of knocking pill bottles, glasses or that paperback book off the nightstand? Pick yourself up a single-layer wooden spice rack and mount it on the wall next to the bed. You’ll find they’re just the right size for some of those small items you need close at hand.

Maybe you’ve got some stuff you’d like to tuck away in a drawer – with others to display more openly. Perhaps your idea of decorating includes odd angles, different shapes, some sort of expression about your personality – OK, for some of us, maybe it’s better we NOT express our personality with shelving, but anyway, where do you look? Try looking on Amazon, starting with a search like this one for “knickknack shelves.” You’ll come up with more ideas than you can shake a stick at – or ever stuff into the largest of RVs.

Some RVers just can’t get along without a few knickknacks. Where do you put the durn things? Again, shelves would seem a natural, but how do you keep the stuff up there? Try some non-slip shelf liner cut to fit the shelf – you’ll find it by the roll at Walmart. Some complain the stuff tends to lose its grip. Au contraire! What probably happened is you’ve picked up some unwanted dust in the mat. Simply wash the things with soapy dish water, dry ’em out, and they’ll stick again.

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Michael Daus
2 years ago

SUV cargo net storage. I never found these useful in my vehicles and left them in the garage. I recently found three while doing some COVID house cleaning and installed in the travel trailer to hold light items like throws, and pillows we want out of the way at times.

Last edited 2 years ago by Michael Daus
Ron Reagan
4 years ago

We are a firm believer in plastic bins. We use them in all the overhead cabinets, under sinks area, under the bed and even in the refrigerator. Each bin can be labeled to help find the item you need or are searching for. We use the bins also in our S&B fridge and makes it very easy to transfer between the two when getting the motorhome ready for travel or putting away for the winter.

Susan Callihan
4 years ago

I keep things in place with earthquake putty, available at most big box hardware stores. It has never failed me.

Patti L.
4 years ago

Using a museum grade adhesive putty was my Mom’s answer to keeping her owl collection on the shelves in the unit my Dad built and mounted in their 5th about 25 years ago now. When they parked it for the last time the shelving unit was transferred to their duplex. She never broke a one.