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These rates current through December 31, 2019

Since we began publishing online in 2001, RVtravel.com has been committed to bringing high quality news information and advice to RVers.

Our writers are experts in the industry. Editor Chuck Woodbury was honored as the 2013 Distinguished Journalist of the Year by the RV Industry Association. He is the host of the Better Business Bureau DVD “Buying a Recreational Vehicle,” available in most large public libraries. He is a national authority on RVing, and has been featured on all major TV networks, NPR, on hundreds of talk radio stations, Voice of America, USA Today, the Washington Post, People Magazine, and in countless other places.

All advertising packages are tailored to your business. Rates below are general guidelines. Most of our advertisers’ campaigns run between $500 and $2,500 a month. Regional advertisers typically pay far less.

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Banner Ads:

We generally have approximately five million ad positions available each month.

With rare exceptions, we use these sizes:
In pixels:
• 300 x 250
• 300 x 150
• 728 x 90 Leaderboard

COSTS (may vary according to placement):
•$2.50 per thousand exposures, minimum 150,000/month, maximum one million exposures per month. Weekly performance reports available.

Geo-targeted banners depending on location: $4.00 per thousand, minimum $150 per month.

Advertorials/Text ads:

Advertorials, or text ads as we call them, are designed to resemble the content in our newsletters. They feature a small image with a bold headline and a 40-50 word description of a product or service with a link to your website. These are typically our most effective ad types, far outperforming banners. They are available in these newsletters:

RV Travel Newsletter (published every Saturday and Sunday)
RV Daily Tips (published 20 or more times/month)
Weekly RV news roundup (published every Sunday)
RV Electricity (published 1 time per month)

RVtravel.com newsletter:
• $250 per insertion or two insertions per month (that’s every other week) for $450 total.
All other newsletters: (48 ad positions available per month): 60 percent of rates above/per insertion

Prepayment by credit card required when campaign begins. No contracts required. If your advertising doesn’t work for you we wouldn’t expect you to stick around.

Targeted advertising:

Geo-Targeted Banners:

If you have a specific audience in the RV community we have options for you! We offer geo-targeted ads (and editorial). We can target your ad to only show to users in a radius around your business (or where your customers live in multiple areas) for a range from 100-1,000 miles. See rates above under “Banners.”

Ads in our email alerts:

We send nearly 900,000 emails a month to our newsletter subscribers. Ask about rates.

Target by interest:

We can also display your ad by category or tag. Make sure your ad is only reaching the relevant audience.

Ad performance:

We provide our advertisers with weekly performance updates tracking impressions and clicks. Custom, automated reports can be provided upon request.

Testimonials from our readers
. . . and some demographics.

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RVtravel.com Ad Rates

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