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These rates current through December 31, 2023

Since we began publishing online in 2001, RVtravel.com has been committed to bringing high quality news, information and advice to RVers.

Our writers are experts in the industry. Publisher Chuck Woodbury has been honored as the Distinguished Journalist of the Year by the RV Industry Association. He is the host of the Better Business Bureau DVD “Buying a Recreational Vehicle,” available in most large public libraries. He is a national authority on RVing, and has been interviewed and/or featured on all major TV networks, NPR, on hundreds of talk radio stations, Voice of America, USA Today, the Washington Post, People Magazine, and in countless other places.

All advertising packages are tailored to your business. Rates below are general guidelines. Most of our advertisers’ campaigns run between $500 and $3,500 a month. Regional advertisers typically pay less.

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An email to our publisher from Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis

If we strongly believe we cannot help you (after two decades of publishing, we have a good idea), we will tell you so and not take your money.

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• Website banners
• Website mini-advertorials/text ads in newsletters
• Category sponsorships
• Email newsletter and RSS feeds
• Webinar sponsorships and commercials
Facebook Groups (more than 50 available)
• YouTube ads or sponsorships

We drive most traffic to RVtravel.com from our email alerts, which are sent every day (often two or more a day) to as many as 82,000 readers each. Google search is important, but we rely more on growing our mailing lists, now. all special interest groups combined, nearly 120,000-strong. One-third of our income comes from voluntary donations (subscriptions) from more than 6,600 of our readers. That says a lot about the quality and loyalty of our readership. Our readers trust us and we work hard to never betray them. That means, above all, maintaining our editorial integrity.

Banner Ads:

We generally have 10-12 million banner and “mini advertorial” positions available each month.

With rare exceptions, our banners are sized
• 300 x 250 pixels

COSTS (may vary according to placement):
Weekly performance reports available.

Minimum ad buy $300 per month (prepaid, as is all advertising)

• • • No contracts required • • •

Open rate: $1.50 per thousand exposures up to 300,000/month.
301,000 to 500,000 exposures per month: $1.25 per thousand
• 501,000 to 1 million exposures per month: $1.15 per thousand
• 1 million or more exposures per month: $1 per thousand

Businesses with 3 or fewer employees or gross sales of less than $250,000 a year may deduct 15%. We love to help the little guys become the big guys!

Geo-targeting available

We advertise Amazon products in our unsold advertising space. It takes a lot of traffic to generate this many sales. Imagine what we could do for you! THESE STATS ARE FOR ONE MONTH.

Mini Advertorials/Text ads:

Mini Advertorials, or text ads as we call them, are designed to resemble the content in our newsletters. They feature a small image with a bold headline and a 40-50 word description of a product or service with a link to your website. These are typically our most effective ad types, far outperforming banners.

Prepayment by credit card required when campaign begins. No contracts required. If your advertising doesn’t work for you we wouldn’t expect you to stick around.

Ads in our email alerts:

We send more than 1.4 million emails a month to our newsletter subscribers with an open rate of higher than 55% (that’s incredibly high).

Target by interest:

We can also display your ad by category or tag. Make sure your ad is only reaching the relevant audience.

Ad performance:

We provide our advertisers with weekly performance updates tracking impressions and clicks. Custom, automated reports can be provided upon request.

Testimonials from our readers
. . . and some demographics.

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