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Ask Dave: 7-pin connector plug coming apart. Can I fix it?

Dear Dave,
I accidentally pulled away from my trailer with the electric cable still connected and partially separated the cable from the connecter housing. However, everything still works fine. How do I reinforce this connection to prevent further damage? —Tim

Dear Tim,
This is a molded plug. I assume it’s a 7-pin version that not only powers the 12-volt lights for your trailer, but also provides a charge from the tow vehicle charging system to the house battery to charge it while driving. This will provide a higher, typically 14-volt charge.

What you cannot see in this picture is the connection of the wire to the female connection molded in the plug.

My concern with your 7-pin connector plug is that some of the wires probably have stretched or loosened. If this happened, it would create a weak connection that may work, but with a little road vibration or even some wind at the campground could create an arc or spark and start to tarnish the connection and create heat.

My suggestion would be to replace the entire plug and shoreline cord with a new molded plug and wire to create a solid connection. You can purchase a replacement model from several companies such as Curt or others on Amazon.

7-pin connector plug wiring

Take a picture of the current wiring to make sure the colors match, then match the new wiring to the proper function. The typical color code is as follows:

  • Black: 12-volt power back to the house batteries
  • Green: Tail and running lights
  • Yellow: Reverse lights
  • Red: Left turn and stop
  • Brown: Right turn and stop
  • White: Ground
  • Blue: Brake controller

This type of shoreline cord has blunt cut wire ends for easy installation and is weather resistant.

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club.

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4 months ago

You can go to any auto supply parts store and buy a replacement male plug that’s made better than the molded one. Cut off the old plug and wire the new one on.

4 months ago

You can go to any auto supply parts store and buy a replacement male plug that’s made better than the molded one. Cut off the old plug and wire the new one on.

4 months ago

Should be replaced ASAP. However, posting link to Amazon doesn’t make sense. What if you are on vacation when it happens? Are you going wait days until the replacement arrives? Better to check for RV sales near where you are. They may have replacement plugs or the entire cable.
If everything still works, look for a supply house or RV dealer for a replacement.

4 months ago

replace, don’t attempt repair. This is a problem that will continue to be a source of problems until replaced.

4 months ago
Reply to  tom


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