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Ask Dave: What is the best roadside assistance and insurance for my RV?

Dear Dave,
I have had AARP roadside assistance since 2005, but it let me down last summer on I-10 in just my car. Which roadside assistance plan is best for an RV? Which insurance is best for an RV? I am a clueless newbie about everything, and old enough to forget a lot, too. Thanks. —Shanti, 2004 Forest River Sunseeker

Dear Shanti,
Sorry to hear about your experience with AARP last summer—typically they are very reliable. My wife has been a member for many years. Thankfully, she only had to use them a couple of times.

Over the years I have seen a wave of companies come as go as the RV market got hot and cold. With it being red-hot now, it’s being flooded with companies jumping in to make a quick buck that don’t have the experience or personnel to handle the numbers.

As far as roadside assistance, I am a huge fan of Coach-Net as they have RVIA-certified technicians on the 24-hour hotline. In addition, they work with almost every manufacturer to ensure the proper guidance is given. I started working with them way back in the late 1980s at Winnebago, as we provided a free one-year membership with the purchase of every coach. It was a good program for us as they provided 24/7 tech support that we did not have available. They have formed a network of experts in every area—from towing to locksmiths around the country. If your rig needs to be towed, they know how it is supposed to be towed. I’ve seen units at dealerships that got the front end ripped off due to someone not experienced with RVs.

RV insurance

As for insurance, I highly recommend doing some research with companies that have specific RV-related policies. The best policy for you depends on many things such as full-time RVing, agreed value, and total cost replacement. I ran an article awhile back on the different policies. Also, writer Randall Brink wrote about running into the same issue with his policy. Read “The most important word in your RV’s insurance policy … Is it wrong?

There are several options for RV insurance out there. However, I like Farm & City Insurance Agency in Forest City. They are independent and can find the company/policy that fits for you. Also, they have a great customer service department that will help if you have an issue. Saving $XXX in 15 minutes isn’t always the best policy when it comes time to get an agent on the line when you need him or her.

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club.

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8 months ago

Have been very happy with Coach-Net. They cover my “B” and all of my other cars that had been under AAA. Used them once for the “B”, no start computer problem”, they brought the correct truck, knew how to handle the “B” and got me to the dealer.

8 months ago

I’ve been a faithful Coach-Net Member since May 2010. They have towed my 40 foot coach and 30 foot trailer three different times over the years. One was 10 miles on a Low-Boy, one over 200 miles in Northern British Columbia and the third was in Virginia for 80 miles. Each time they had to bring two large trucks for the tow. Only required my signature each time. I won’t leave home without having Coach-Net covering me for any Emergency Roadside Service. I switched coaches this past February and had to have Coach-Net jump-start the engine as the chassis batteries were toast when I picked up the coach in SLC Utah. Didn’t realize it until the next day when I went to start the engine. Luckily we were parked in a Sam’s Club parking lot for the night. Bought two new chassis batteries and installed them right in the parking lot with tools that I borrowed from the Sam’s Club Service Center.

Dale e Rose
8 months ago

One of my deciding factors for road service was that Good Sam will only tow to the nearest service facility, so if it’s a facility that is closed on Saturday afternoon to Monday morning, you’re stuck there. If you want to go farther, such as to your home, you have to ask the tow company if they will take you to a place of your own choice, and pay their rate. AAA for RV’s will tow to wherever you want, up to 100 miles, and I believe that they also have a policy for 200 miles. So, I could have my RV taken to my house, make my repairs, and be on my way.

Glen Cowgill
8 months ago
Reply to  Dale e Rose

Twice Coach-net has towed my Class A Coach. One time was 80 miles to an Allison Transmission shop and then 122 miles to a Freightliner shop. Both times towing I was offered other choices but chose to go to manufacturer service centers. Coach-Net also had me pulled out of a soft field along with several tire repairs and even found me a tech to retract a slide. Love Coach-net.
Before Coach-net, I had Good Sam Roadside assistance who left me stranded twice. Was not happy with Good Sam.

Coach-net has jump started my cars on several occasions over the years also. I hear good things about other companies along with bad things. Do due diligence before buying road side assistance plans.

David Gilbert
8 months ago
Reply to  Dale e Rose

I have had both Coach-Net and AAA. I am currently with AAA just for the reason you mentioned above. I do not want to take my vehicle to the closest repair facility that I do not know anything about. I would rather take it to my shop of preference. I have also had at least twice where Coach-Net sent someone out that had no identification marking on them and hardly spoke english. Would have been very uncomfortable had this been just my wife trying to deal with this. Very frustrating trying to explain where I wanted to have vehicle towed and the guy hands me his phone and wants me to type address into maps app. The final straw for me was when I had a flat tire on the trailer and my spare was low on air and they charged me $10 cash (fortunately I had the cash on me) to fill up my tire with air because that was not part of the service. On the flip side I recently had my car towed by AAA and they showed up in their well marked yellow trucks and were very professional.

Tracy Schulz
8 months ago
Reply to  David Gilbert

Be careful with AAA-they are changing their policy and putting limits on how much they will cover-just received the notice in the mail.

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