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Is it a bad day at Forest River Inc.?

MONDAY, JULY 18, 2022 — Is today a bad day at Forest River Inc.? Probably. All the recalls that were publicly announced by federal safety investigators today are for Forest River RV products, and it’s a trio of deadly defects affecting hundreds of their RVs, including brake and tail lights that may not work, trailer brakes that may not work, and propane gas leaks that can cause a fire. Parts are built wrong, parts designed wrong, parts installed wrong.

If you own a Forest River RV, you need to know about these three deadly defect recalls explained below.

Good News, Bad News

While the time from discovery to notifying federal vehicle safety officials was faster than we have seen before, and the time from investigation to their recall decision was also faster, the time length to notify owners of the affected RVs is still “planned” by Forest River to happen a month later. Owner notices for the three recalls below all are set to go out in mid-August.

Meanwhile, you could be riding in an RV whose braking lights won’t work or tail lights will fail due to a wiring error during production. Or a service valve for the propane gas may be among the ones that were manufactured wrong, making it a possible fire risk. Or you might have one of the RVs whose brakes won’t work. Any of those could cause loss of life or limb right now! And since some are caused by parts suppliers, these recalls may end up on other manufacturer recall lists too.

And they just added a 19,000+ RVs recall for awnings that can drop off the RV. Okay, you might not wreck your RV because of that, but Lord help the cars behind you on the highway! If all goes as Forest River plans, you should get your recall notice in mid or late August. Until then, be careful about extending the awnings when you park and make sure, as always, that your awnings are secured when traveling.

To find any recall for your RV, just do a search for your model year, make, model, and add the word “recall” or the recall number below. Remember: Life is Too Short to Put Up with a Bad RV!

Ron Burge is the nation’s leading expert on RV lemon law. He can be reached at



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