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Bryce Canyon Hoodoos Never Fail to Intrigue

To the Piaute, they were the “Legend People.” Ages ago, men and women who acted offensively were punished for their misdeeds by being turned into stone, forced to stand for an eternity.

Later, when Europeans began traveling across the vastness of the country by steel rail, a railroad company brochure said this: “When lighted by the morning sun the gorgeous chasm is an immense bowl of lace and filigree work in stone, colored with the white of frost and the pinks of glowing embers. To those who have not forgotten the story books of childhood it suggests a playground for fairies. In another aspect it seems a smoldering inferno where goblins and demons might dwell among flames and embers.”

What are they? The spires that inspire–the “Hoodoos” of Bryce Canyon.

These most unusual rock formations are found through many areas of the Colorado Plateau, but an exceptional “collection” if you will, is protected at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. The park is “off the beaten track,” but a real “must see” for those who are intrigued by the forces of nature that create such unusual formations.

RV camping is available here, and its a good thing, as trailer towing is restricted in some of the better view points. Leave the trailer in camp and explore the wierdness of the park. We think the best time to view the Hoodoos is early in the morning or late evening, when the light plays tricks with shadows and deep color.

photo: R & T DeMaris, all rights reserved.


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13 years ago

Bryce Canyon is still in the top 3 of our all time favorite national parks, if not the top one. Unbelievable color and scenery. Even if it is "off the beaten path" that's why we have rv's for! It should be on everyones "must see" bucket list.

Doin Stuff
13 years ago

we live in Utah and love Bryce Canyon.
You should see it in the winter with snow on it. Dont happen to often but when it does it is beautiful

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