Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Staying here may make RV camping seem downright boring

It’s pretty darn difficult to top an RV for getting out in nature, enjoying the great outdoors in comfort alone or with your sweetheart or family. But we must admit, a new camping experience coming to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee might just be the icing on the camping cake, especially for campers with kids.

And for tent campers, who have had to deal with one too many creepy crawlies sneaking into their sleeping bag, here’s the perfect alternative. Plus, for those RVers who favor rigs with outdoor patios and balconies or even rooftop patios so they can avoid ever tracking dirt, mud or doggie poopie into their RV, this is darn close to nirvana!

Treehouse camping in the Great Smoky Mountains

“Treehouse camping” is coming this summer to the Great Smoky Mountains! Yes, treehouse camping — 130 luxury, lofty abodes spread over 40 pristine acres of “enchanted forest,” accessible only by golf cart. So, no noisy diesel engines belching stinky fumes into your window at 5 a.m. or rude early-morning garbage disposal persons sadistically banging dumpsters around like giant orchestra cymbals.

SANCTUARY TREEHOUSE RESORT will reportedly be the largest facility of its kind anywhere in the world! And we believe you will have no trouble convincing your kids or grandkids to stay. For Pete’s sake, what RV can match the perks of these elevated abodes — spiral slides, spacious porches with telescopes, escape hatches, rope climbs, door hatches with secret ladders, and more. Some group accommodations include a drawbridge that can be raised or lowered between treehouses for privacy. Raise it up and keep gabby Aunt Edna outta yer space!

And there are even bucket pulleys — crank stuff up and down between floors just like the Swiss Family Robinson!

And for Mom and Dad, how about a romantic bubble bath for two in a clawfoot tub? Or maybe one or both can take a well-deserved nap in an outdoor day bed. And when nature calls, forget messy toilet paper — these elevated mini-palaces sport Super Lu’s with bidets for gentle, soothing cleaning of bottoms — never have you experienced such cleaning pleasure in a tree!

But, bad news — no pets allowed. They might upset the wildlife — you know — bears, elk, deer, bobcats, hyenas (just kidding about the last).

Mark your calendar: the first treehouses should debut this coming summer! Rates will start at $299.




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