Thursday, October 21, 2021


Fall is here. This hidden seasonal occurrence could spell trouble

By Nanci Dixon
It is fall, and the trees are ablaze with color here in Minnesota. But changing color isn’t the only thing the leaves are up to. They’re falling. They’re falling straight on top of my slide outs. So are some twigs, a few bird feathers, and a small branch. I went up to check the solar panels and glanced at the awnings. I have read about sweeping off the slides before closing, but admit I obviously never had. This is the outcome. The debris, particularly the branch, was actually pushing the awning cover away from the fabric awning. That’s not good.

Used the “business” hook end of our awning pole to grab and slide the stuff out. Judging by the stage of decomposition this was not the first year they had settled in for the winter.

Lesson learned: Sweep off the awnings before pulling slides in, particularly in the fall.



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Donald N Wright
11 months ago

Oh, I thought this was the squirrels who drop nuts and pine cones all night long on top of your RV.

1 year ago

Before retracting your slide out and awnings, they should not only swept off, but dry too.

Bob Post
11 months ago

I carry an inexpensive battery-powered leaf blower. Makes the job easy!