Sunday, December 5, 2021


What if RVers could make suggestions directly to the industry? What would you say?

By Gail Marsh
I’ve just been thinking … What if actual RVers could make suggestions directly to the RV industry, its manufacturers, and/or designers? I know what I’d suggest! It would be all about doors, and my letter would read something like this:

Dear RVIA,

Please design a latch mechanism for RV entry/exit doors that doesn’t require a person to slam the door in order to securely close it. I have yet to find a way to quietly close our RV door. The necessary slamming often disturbs other family members who prefer “sleeping in” when camping out.

And while you’re at it, could you take a look at the closures on RV cabinet doors? I don’t understand how the cabinet doors seem to open easily when our RV is moving down the road but require a real hard tug when I need to open that same cabinet when parked. What gives?


Gail (an actual RVer)

How about you? If you could communicate directly with industry leaders (designers and engineers), what would you suggest for RV improvements? If we’re lucky, maybe someone in RVIA will read and consider implementing our suggestions.



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Cody Gaved
5 months ago

I would like to see the old floorplan in a travel trailer with the kitchen in the front, with the countertop across width of the trailer under a front window.

5 months ago

Please stop putting the bed on the driver side! When I’m in bed I don’t want to be in my neighbors yard!

6 months ago

Stop putting the bed on the driver side! It slides out into the “neighbors yard”! When I’m in bed I don’t want to be at their party!

Theresa R
6 months ago

Make a better quality product, and be a manufacturer that will actually provide good customer service when repairs to your product are needed – especially within warranty. Stop passing this on to the dealers who couldn’t care less.

6 months ago

Stop making so many different models! Make a limited number of quality models that the builders and techs and parts people can handle. Have the guts to have flagship models that can stand up to tough reviews and build loyalty.

Stop rushing the builds and encouraging sloppy work. Find some way to inspect units and reward the factory teams that delivery high quality.

If the parts distributors can’t do a better job than they are doing now, and this includes manufacturers, then turn the whole thing over to Amazon. When techs literally tell you to go find parts on Amazon (not easy when there are 10,000 models out there) because their distributor will take weeks or months to get it to you, something is very very wrong.

Stop filling the inside of EVERY rig with shiny crap that belongs in a resort hotel. IT’S CAMPING. I don’t want to haul around granite countertops, baby my stainless steel or glass range surfaces so they don’t scratch like hell.

Mark Generales
6 months ago

How about – if you can sell so many RV’s – why are you not diversifying and guaranteeing those you sell have somewhere to go?

Build RV Parks.

You are overpopulating and the end is coming to your sales as horror stories will abound when people spend their 20k or 300k and can’t get in anywhere. We all know it is coming.
The RV industry MUST vertically integrate to survive. Do it or combine this with Biden’s insane rush to destroy fossil fuel and with nowhere to go will end your business.

By the way – anyone find it strange we never hear or see the RV industry lobbying congress about fossil fuel? No Keystone, hacked Colonial but approved Russian pipelines while our fuel is $1 gallon more today than when Biden took office? Not a peep from RVIA????

6 months ago

I agree with Rich pointing out the poor Owners Manuals and Operations of systems on virtually all RVs. This is my second motor home that I have no idea on how to set the time and other functions of the in-dash multi-complex radio, CD player, 3-Camera Monitor.

Design-wise, I would like to see better laid out entrance ways that provide space for muddy shoes and a convenient location to hang a wet jacket upon entry after setting up or tearing down in the pouring rain.

Anne Marie
6 months ago

It would be nice to have bigger windows and bigger holding tanks in truck campers. Also, if the dinette is supposed to convert into a bed, make it long enough to fit an adult!

David Ozanne
6 months ago

One more mirror or monitor camera to show the front bumper of the RV.

6 months ago

Please include a vent fan in the ceiling of fifth wheel front bedrooms. It’s at least 4-5 degrees hotter up there. Second AC has to work extra hard. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Michael Galvin
6 months ago

Increase quality and prices.

Bob Eastman
6 months ago

build wiring harnesses using a gig panel with modular connectors, tie wrap the various cables in the harness and get away from the spaghetti mess behind the walls and panels. saves time and money. increases quality.

split heat pumps

add a junction box on the roof with a conduit down to the basement

6 months ago

Slow down construction and make a better quality product. For the price of new ones there is no excuse for poor quality needing repairs before one ever uses it.

Jan C Prins
6 months ago

I would suggest that all sales personnel have completed a certified course in order to sell RV’s and present their paperwork to the sellers.
I would also stay away from any RVF that has staples in the construction.

Richard Hulkenberg II
6 months ago

Better and more specific documentation. I have a motorhome that is “solar ready” but I can find no documentation on what this means. I know there is a connection on the roof, but where does it go from there? What all is included in “solar ready”? Just the wire? I have the electrical schematics from the manufacture but I have no clue how to read them. The generic owner’s manual is so general it could apply to any motorhome and has nothing in it about solar. I suspect that is exactly what the manufactures want just to save money. They have one manual for all their RVs and they can just throw one in and forget it. As a customer, this is awful.

Diane Kenny
6 months ago

1) Mini-splits for air conditioning/ heating
2) 12-volt fridges
3) So many Americans eat meals in front of the tv, why not offer the option of theater seating with fold-away tables, and eliminate standard booths or tables and chairs? Use the space for counter tops and moveable storage. That gives the customer real flexibility.

6 months ago

Provide a Solar option. Not just a panel for topping off the battery, but a legitimate solar option. This includes placement of controllers and batteries.

6 months ago

These are all very valid responses, and I support what everyone has said.
Today after cleaning I say, use screens and windows that are easier to insert and remove screens for cleaning purposes. Secure and mount screens in such a way that they actually keep bugs out. Ours are for ever coming undone and have to have spline redone, as well as huge gaps between screen and window, likely due to having to bend frame to remove and clean inside glass. 🤦‍♀️
No carpet- anywhere.

6 months ago

We actually talked to the people who made our rig, told them they need to talk to full timers for better ideas as in design, layout, easier living, especially the kitchen. They were in the process of making another RW and they asked us what we thought and would change, we told them. Come to find out, the actually took one of our suggestions, not a big one, but one. We as RVers make ours the way we want after we get them. Things wish was different, my husband can do some of them.

Bob Schilling
6 months ago

Dear RV Makers,

First, every top executive in your company needs to spend at least three consecutive weeks in one of your RVs at an RV park. Same with every design engineer. It’s clear that even the high end RV’s were seldom designed by people who have ever been on a extended trip in an RV.

Second, every single unit you complete must be inspected for quality control by an independent company that neither you nor your board have any connection to. Any issues must be repaired and the unit re-inspected before it is shipped. There’s no excuse for the number of instances of shoddy work and unnecessary cost cutting (wire brads instead of screws, tiny screws holding body panels in place, etc.), every space behind a wall panel full of trash (screws, wood and paned shaving, metal shavings from screw hole drillings, wire ends cut off), on a $350,000 RV. Pull the cover off the instrument panel of a Class A bus and look at the wiring… a tangled mess, half the wires not identified.

Judy Williams
6 months ago
Reply to  Bob Schilling

Well Said!!!!!!