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Have you been denied an RV insurance claim?

Lately the topic of RV insurance has been at the forefront of our staff meetings. That’s because we are hearing tales, not surprisingly, of insurance companies using every possible way to deny coverage.

Oftentimes this is the RVer’s fault for not disclosing their full-time RVing status to their insurance company. Other times it’s the insurance company looking for a legal loophole. We heard of an RVer with a YouTube channel being denied coverage because the insurance company determined his RV was being used for “commercial purposes.” Just posting the videos, which he had monetized, meant he was conducting a business. So his $10,000 claim to replace his stolen possessions was denied.

With insurance being a for-profit business, it’s not surprising that insurance companies will look for any possible way to deny a claim.

Have you had an RV insurance claim unexpectedly denied? Please share what happened. We’ll do a follow-up article with a compilation of the most compelling answers next week. If you have been denied a claim for the reasons cited here, please let us know if we can contact you to learn more.

To participate, please fill out the form below. (DO NOT ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS ON THIS PAGE.) Please try to keep answers as brief as possible, less than 100 words is ideal. Thank you.

(*Comments might be edited for grammar and brevity.)



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14 days ago

Never been “Denied”. I was chastised once for calling a tow service myself, rather than going through the ins. system, but they reimbursed the charge.

14 days ago

After fighting the insurance company I did get partial reimbursement. The “C” frame on my 5th wheel buckled by the wheels and they said it was because I turned too tight. Then they said the metal was inferior. After taking them to small claims court they paid me just over 50% of the repairs.

Neal Davis
14 days ago

No, not yet, but we only had one claim six years ago. Our RV is insured by Nationwide through FMCA. Meanwhile our auto, home, and umbrella policies are through a local Nationwide agent. Although our local agent is not directly involved in the RV side, he is an RVer. I don’t know that he could help with a denied RV claim, but I would explore that avenue if one was (so long as FMCA keeps us with Nationwide).

Chris Schiel
14 days ago

The two reasons given are legitimate reasons to possibly disqualify the claims. Why do you think they ask when taking out a policy, how many miles you drive per year. Also you ARE using it as a business RV and vehicle, thus requiring business insurance. Need to be upfront and truthful when taking out policies.

14 days ago
Reply to  Chris Schiel

My same exact thoughts.

Neal Davis
14 days ago
Reply to  Chris Schiel


14 days ago
Reply to  Chris Schiel

Absolutely correct!

I often wonder how many people renting out their homes to overnight guests while they are gone, or other such ventures like renting out their RVs or using their cars as cabs, are carrying the appropriate business insurance.

I have an RV policy through Auto Owners where I have to choose a “days of usage” category that affects my rate. Last year, my first year of retirement, changed our usage. I disclosed our higher usage days to ensure they wouldn’t have a reason to deny a claim. Most of us pay for campgrounds with a traceable form of payment. I wasn’t taking chances…plus, isn’t it fair? After all, they are taking more risk.

14 days ago
Reply to  Chris Schiel

As someone who is over insured, I agree. If I’m given the self reporting option to fudge it one way or the other, put me down for peace of mind and I will over insure everytime.

Haven’t had an RV claim in 20 years of RVing but the day I change it and under insure, I will certainly wish I had kept the old policy.

Steve Minor
14 days ago
Reply to  Cancelproof

Me too Cancelproof, There are too many “sue happy creeps” to take any chances, not to mention too many. Unscrupulous insurance companies & agents.

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