Sunday, October 2, 2022


Ditch the gas guzzler and try a bicycle camper. These are amazing!

More and more you see bicycles hanging from the back of the RV. A lot of them are used for exercise and riding the trails, others are used to get around the park. But what if you could use your bicycle to pull your camper? I won’t call these RVs, since they only provide “cramping” conditions. But if you are an avid bicyclist you may find them intriguing, especially as gas prices continue to climb.

The Bicycle Caravan

Dutch bicycle caravan

This is the Bicycle Caravan. You can rent this beauty and ride around the Northern Dutch Provinces. It has a bed inside with storage, a fold-down kitchen, and a cool window that rotates when you want a screen for airflow.

The Bug Out

Paul Elkins Bug Out bicycle campter

This adorable little bicycle camper is called The Bug Out made by Paul Elkins. Complete with a solar window for food dehydration, and a solar hot water bag for an exterior shower. It’s even got a plumbed interior sink, a 5-watt solar panel, a bicycle generator used for wind power, and solar lights. The floor even lowers so you can sit upright. The coolest part? There’s a bubble for your head at night to see the stars!

The Micro Gypsy Caravan

Micro Gypsy Caravan by Barry Allen Howard

How cute is this Micro Gypsy Caravan by Barry Allen Howard? His bicycle-powered, folding, micro-studio/gallery/gypsy caravan is used for cruising the California coast and painting along the way. The top folds down for easier travel.

We want one of these!



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Donald N Wright
10 months ago

I met a gentleman in a roadside stop towing his trailer with his three wheel recombent tricycle. I regret I did not ask him about installing a brake on the rear wheel, or brakes on his trailer.

Seann Fox
10 months ago

I can just see my buddy Dan going from Calgary Alberta Canada to quartzsite Arizona pulling one of these with his bicycle.

Sandi Sturm
10 months ago
Reply to  Seann Fox

Now that would be a story!!

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